Our £300,000 dream home turned into a nightmare when we found 173 faults – even the fire door has a deadly error


A furious father has reprimanded a housing company after discovering 173 defects in the new-construction home of his dreams – including dangerous gaps around their fire doors.

Christian Senge, 42, bought his £306k four-bedroom detached property in Newport, South Walesin November 2020.


Christian Sange bought a four-bedroom detached property in November 2020credit: Hu Evans
The couple discovered about 200 different problems with their dream home


The couple discovered about 200 different problems with their dream homecredit: Hu Evans

The engineer and his wife Veronica, 47, were initially thrilled with their new home, but quickly learned that the property had more than a hundred defects.

The dad-of-three Christian claims there were leaking pipes, windows that were sealed incorrectly, electrical sockets without power, and more dangerous gaps around their fire doors.

she slammed house builder st mauden After commissioning an independent snagging report, which discovered 173 issues with his home.

Speaking to The Sun he said: “Everything was great, but then I started having issues with the property on the building site.

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“I just kept noticing things, and pointing to them, not thinking it wasn’t right, but they just kept saying it was okay.

“There was a gap between the fire doors, something was leaking from the pipe and there was damage to the window seal.

“Nothing was being done, I was just told it would be okay so I paid a private firm to come and look at the property and inspect it.

“I then passed it on to the housing association, and it took them two weeks to get used to it in the first place.

“They said they wouldn’t be able to get anyone out until the end of February, which is a year after we arrived.

“One of the main issues is fire doors, it’s obviously a huge risk to my family, it can be fatal if they don’t work properly.

“The situation is getting worse now, it is being told that various people will get in touch with me to sort it out.

“Then I was told that they would ask someone to come out in May before my daughter’s 21st birthday, so that the property could be arranged.

“The guy I was talking to promised he would get it done, but then I was told it would be another 8 weeks because they needed someone else to do the work and they would cover the cost.

“Then he said he was going to visit, to check for malfunctions, but the day he was supposed to come, I called and was told he didn’t work for the company.

“It’s just so unprofessional. We’re struggling with leaks, and damaged floors and we’re only told ‘Sorry, he’s left, we’ll have to get someone else to look into the issues’.

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“We’ve heard that two other houses on this site have been completely demolished and rebuilt because they were so dilapidated, and we don’t want it to come to that.”

A spokesperson for St Modvain Homes said: “We have received correspondence from our customer, and although we do not accept that we are liable for all aspects raised, we will be in contact with the customer to clear any outstanding are and will continue to be the issues for which St. Modvain Homes is responsible.”

Fire doors do not meet required regulations leaving gaps


Fire doors do not meet required regulations leaving gapscredit: Hu Evans
Pipe work has also exposed wiring in the property


Pipe work has also exposed wiring in the propertycredit: Hu Evans


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