Police seize £270,000 Lamborghini supercar after finding the driver was uninsured


Police confiscated a £270,000 Lamborghini after the driver was not insured.

217mph aventador Stopped for not having number plate.


Police confiscated £270,000 Lamborghini Aventador after driver was not insuredcredit: SWNS

A computer check indicated that the driver owned an Italian supercar, but could not show that he had insured it.

in the police milton keynesBucks later posted pictures of it being carried on a transporter.

A spokesman said: “Police spotted this beautiful Lamborghini Aventador without a front plate.

“The vehicle was impounded and the driver reported.”

One social media user commented: “Surprised they can buy the car but can’t bother to get insurance.”

Another wrote: “The only thing about these guys is their stupidity!”

A third added: “Pointing and laughing.

“Serves them right. What a fool.”


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