Popular crystals and their meanings including finding love and securing wealth

Whether it’s Sasha Atwood’s ‘witch box’, Holly Willoughby’s nightmare busting crystals, or even Victoria Beckham’s handbag essential, it seems that celebrities can’t get enough of this ancient healing practice.

The power of crystals and gemstones dates back to many ancient cultures including Egypt, Greece and China, who believed that they carried healing properties and could help increase good energy and remove toxicity.

And fast forward to 2022, while there is admittedly a lack of evidence to support the practice, the growing use of crystals goes hand in hand with sage burning, chakra cards and even face rolling.

But when it comes to crystals, what do they mean and what are they used for?

Holly Willoughby is a fan of crystals
Holly Willoughby is a fan of crystals

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Rose quartz

With its stunning translucent strawberry colour, it’s right to assume that rose quartz is associated with love.

The calming mineral can apparently be used to manifest new relationships, in addition to improving present ones. Its powers can also help to restore trust and harmony, provide comfort during times of grief and foster feelings of self-love.


With its gorgeous purple hue, amethyst’s powers range from reducing anxiety to ensuring a good night’s sleep.

The crystal targets the crown chakra (at the top of your head) and helps to create physical and emotional harmony. Given its location, it’s said to help ease headaches and improve intuition, as well as enhance dreams.

Amethyst is said to reduce anxiety and help improve dreams
Amethyst is said to reduce anxiety and help improve dreams


For many, jade is a portable lucky charm and is claimed to bring abundance and prosperity both materially and socially.

With its varying shades of green, the mineral is also believed to have varying healing properties and benefit organs such as the spleen, kidney and bladder.


The bright yellow quartz is believed to help anyone who is feeling stuck by giving them an instant confidence boost.

Mirroring its colour, the warm crystal is all about optimism and creativity and it’s thought that working with citrine can improve people’s financial situations by enabling users to realise their self-worth and strive for more money.

Citrine is all about optimism and confidence
Citrine is all about optimism and confidence

Clear quartz

Known as the ‘Master Healer’, clear quartz can be used for healing or to boost positive vibrations. The icy looking mineral can spark memory, improve concentration and help restore balance to areas where it is missing.


With its breathtaking blue colour, turquoise helps to bring inner calm and stabilise any fluctuating moods. The purification stone is said to be a symbol of friendship, promoting self-realisation and assisting creativity.

Turquoise brings stability and calm
Turquoise brings stability and calm

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Black tourmaline

Keeping the bad vibes at bay, black tourmaline is believed to absorb any negative energy and help radiate positive vibrations.

A powerful stone for anyone who wants protection, the inky black crystal has strong grounding forces and can help to turn anxious feelings into something more nurturing.

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