Pressure mounting for cut in fuel duty after pump prices rose 7p to 185p a litre in a week


Pressure is mounting for fuel duty cuts after pump prices rose 7p to 185p per liter in a week.

Labor MP Justin Maders said: “Community nurses are at their wits’ end.


Pressure mounting for fuel duty cut after pump prices hiked from 7p to 185p per liter in a week

“Visiting patients is costing them more than they claim in mileage allowance.”

Taxi drivers and couriers are struggling and the ice cream van is being taken out of business.

Tory MP Fay Jones said: “The cost of rural fuel is appalling.”

Fair Fuel UK wants a fee cut of at least 20p and a watchdog to ensure drivers benefit.

This year it was cut by 5 paise but the government has no plans to cut further.

Fair Fuel UK’s Howard Cox said: “The severe pain of filling pumps requires more than sticking plaster.

“Fuel charges should be reduced to at least 20p and this time polished so that it is all passed on to drivers using the Pumpwatch watchdog.”


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