Price of pint of beer set to rise due to CO2 shortage, brewing chief warns


A brewing major has warned that the price of a pint is set to rise as prices rise due to a lack of CO2.

It comes as Britons across the country feel the pinch the cost of living The crisis continues.


The cost of taking a detour is set to risecredit: getty

William Lees-Jones, boss of JW Lees Brewery manchesterIn which 150. Is Pub and around the North West Wales Said that beer was becoming “very, very expensive” due to the lack of CO2 needed for production.

This comes as other brewery costs, such as transportation, are also rising.

Mr. Lees-Jones told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “Unfortunately, I think it’s inevitable that the price of a pint will go up because we can’t absorb all these increases.

“It would be great to have some kind of stability so that we don’t have to do that.”

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However, he insisted: “At JW Lees, at the moment, there are no plans to increase the price of our pins.”

This comes after it was revealed last week, some pubs have started charging as much as £8 for a pint,

probably guessing, London Boozers are selling priceless pints.

The most expensive one found in the city costs £8.06. financial Times informed of.

lancashire is the cheapest. A drink at a pub in the county would cost punters £1.79.

Back in 2008, drinkers were paying an average of £2.30 for a pint.

According to hospitality industry consultancy CGA, the increase in component costs has pushed this up to £3.95 in 2022 – a 72 per cent increase.

CGA officials say this is the first time the cost of a pint has exceeded £8.

Call to reduce petrol duty

The warning comes after the chancellor Rishi Sunki Motoring came under pressure from groups to reduce the duty on petrol as many petrol stations began charging £2 per liter or more.

came after it appeared tank filling cost A family sized car hit £100 for the first time.

The average liter price of petrol is 182.3p . has reached While the diesel was 188.1p. This put the cost of filling the 55-litre family car at £100.27.

Writing in The Sun, senior Tory MP Robert Halfon says: “Prices have gone up so astronomically that more needs to be done.

“VC should make another significant cut” fuel charge – Anywhere between ten and 20 pence – at least temporarily as long as this crisis is going on.”

The RAC called it a “really dark day” for the drivers, while the AA demanded a 10p cut in duty.

FairFuelUK urged: “Get up and smell the coffee, Sage. The drivers are getting crippled by the skyrocketing prices of the pumps.”

Prime Minister boris johnson It accused petrol providers of “profiteering” and failing to pass the 5p per liter fuel duty cut announced in March.

Mr Johnson insisted he was on the side of the drivers and indicated that another fee cut could be coming soon.

He said: “What I want to see is that the tax cuts are not only swallowed in one gulp, but without touching the gulp of the fuel companies,

“I want to see the effect those cuts have on the pumps. We’re watching very closely what happens.”

RAC Fuel spokesman Simon Williams said a further fee cut or a temporary reduction in VAT would go a long way toward helping drivers, “especially those on low incomes who have no choice but to drive”.

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He said March’s 5p fuel duty cut “now looks modest” as the cost of bulk petrol has already increased by 25p since spring’s statement.

Mr Williams said the over £100 tank of petrol was “a really dark day” for drivers.

According to brewery owner, CO2 shortage is driving up beer price


According to brewery owner, CO2 shortage is driving up beer pricecredit: getty

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