Rare nickel sells for $4,825 – the date could mean you have a coin worth thousands


It is possible that you have a coin worth thousands and you can find it just by looking at the date.

Some factors while determining the value of coins may depend on grade and position, errors And less mint.


There is an overdate error feature on the front

One buffalo nickel with the most recent 1918 date sold Online for about $5,000.

We explain why he did it and what to look out for so you can see it for yourself.

What is 1918 Buffalo Nickel?

This date marks the sixth production year of the Buffalo Nickel.

The following coins were minted that year:

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  • 1918 (no mint, Philadelphia): 32.1 million mints
  • 1918-D (Denver): 8.36 million mints
  • 1918-S (San Francisco: 4.89 million mintage

While they seem mint high, there is a coin with the date that is quite valuable.

This is the one with the overdate error, which occurs when a mint strikes a date that has already expired.

What is an error and why is it valuable

If you find a coin dated 1918, you’ll want to take a closer look at that date, which is found under the Indian top on the bottom left.

Overdate can be seen by taking a look above the “8” on the date.

If it has a vertical marking above it, it’s probably “7.” sees like.

This is because the mint accidentally struck the dates of 1917 and put the year 1918 on it.

“The 1918/7-D is certainly the rarest coin in the Buffalo nickel series (with the exception of a few more recently discovered varieties) and is one of the most important coins of the 20th century,” said former Professional Coin Grading Service President David Hall wrote,

This issue is usually struck down quite well.

According to USA Coin BookAn old Buffalo nickel is worth $1,713 in average condition.

In Mint State (MS) 63 condition, which is an unregulated grade, it can cost up to $64,395.

The seller of the coin in the listing describes the condition as “XF”, which means Excellent.

Other Valuable Nickels

Meanwhile, there are other nickels with flaws that tend to be valuable.

In particular, this may apply to you Jefferson Nickels,

is one of them Henning Jefferson Nickel, as a recent sold For $425 online.

It has a crack at the bottom of the letter “R” in the word “PLURIBUS”, which can be found at the top of the reverse.

While these are counterfeit, coin collectors value them today because of their distinguished history.

Another Jefferson error piece with an embedded copper error on the reverse sold For over $300.

It was dated 1975 without mintmark.

Also, there is a Jefferson nickel with the date 2016 sold For $123 online.

This was described by the seller as a “strike through” error.

To see if your extra change is worth anything, you can check eBay by searching the full name, selecting the “Sold Out” list, and then toggling the search to “Highest Price.”

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This will give you an idea of ​​how much the coin can be worth because your quarters half dollar, of dimesAnd nickels Can also be valuable.

For more related news, a coin expert found it $1,000 money by doing one of these three things.


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