RB Leipzig 1 Rangers 0 LIVE REACTION: Late Angelino goal gives Germans vital lead ahead of second leg


Tavernier Full Time Interview

On the goal of the game and Leipzig:

“Admitting a set piece… Our organization was not good, it cost us. Definitely a great strike but we could have stopped it. So we are disappointed by it.”

“…1-0 at Ibrox we are still good at the game and we know what we can produce with our fans at home.”

On being in this position first and in the manager’s game plan:

“Away from home we wanted to have a good result at Ibrox and it’s only 1-0 so we know we’re going to be able to bring it to our side. We know we can get better going forward, we still have Some couples have made a chance… back at home we can do one more performance.”

Tavernier gave another brilliant description of himself against Leipzig.credit: Reuters


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