Rick Ross whips around town in his $68K neon green Corvette


RICK Ross has posted Instagram stories of driving around Fayetteville, Georgia in a pricey convertible near his $5.8m mansion.

the set of instagram Stories Show Ross’s $68k Lime-Green Corvette C8 Stingray.


Ross Lime Green Corvette C8 Stingraycredit: Instagram / @richforever

One of Ross’s Instagram stories shows the hard top of his Corvette going up through the command of a convenient car.

Ross learned this command through an online Video Demand.

Ross said in his video: “Last week I kicked it off with homie, Jay Leno,”

jay leno Hosts the television show Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC.

Rick Ross shows off his 100-car collection at his 254-acre Atlanta mansion
Inside Rick Ross's garage with 100 cars

Ross said: “I saw a Corvette, and I saw a Mustang, you know that was his [Leno’s] generation, so I thought it was only right I went and got the Stingray the next day. ,

Ross then asked if anyone in his audience knew how to remotely drop the top on his Corvette with the key,

Ross requested that viewers of his video direct message him “like a good player” and not message him “like a teacher”.

The 46-year-old rapper ends his string of car stories by filming his Shelby F-150 pickup parked next to his Corvette.

The Shelby F-150 is a hybrid of two successful Wade model; shelby cobra and F-150 pickup truck.

The Shelby Cobra is the Mustang’s high-performance off-shoot, and the F-150 is part of Ford’s massively successful F-Series.

Ford’s F-Series represented the best-selling pickup of 2021, with 362k units sold, newsweek Report.

The Shelby F-150 starts at $107k for the 450 horsepower model and $115k for the 775 horsepower version.

Ross filmed his Shelby F-150 and said: “There’s nothing wrong with starting at the bottom. It’s your decision if you’re going to stop there.”

Ross Cobra F-150 (left) and Corvette C8 (right)


Ross Cobra F-150 (left) and Corvette C8 (right)credit: Instagram / @richforever


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