Rishi Sunak could make announcement TOMORROW to help Brits with soaring energy bills


It is reported that Rishi Sunak may announce plans to help Britons with their soaring energy bills tomorrow.

chancellor working on a major intervention with Prime Minister Officials warned that energy bills are on the way to reach around £3,000.


Rishi Sunak may reportedly announce plans for a new aid package as early as tomorrowcredit: getty

The fast-track move initially planned for the summer is expected to include a major increase in the heated home discount scheme. daily mail,

This comes after being warned by Offgame yesterday It is expecting an energy price range “in the region of £2,800”.,

Officials remained silent about the support package last night, with sources saying the details still need to be finalised.

Sage is believed to be meeting with Boris Johnson today to “sign off” his “multi-billion-pound” plan, the package of which is likely to be unveiled tomorrow.

But government sources told the PA news agency that no decision has yet been taken and the timing is yet to be confirmed.

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However, Cabinet Minister George Eustice told LBC today: “My understanding is that he (the VC) is looking into things and we may hear more this week.”

He said: “So we have to try to bring down that inflation and that means showing some moderation, but equally, helping people, especially the lowest-income people, who have some of these price hikes.” will fight with.”

The package could include a major increase to the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which could go from £150 to £500 for three million low-income households.

Warm home discount plans are available to low-income families, usually at some benefit, to help with energy bills. This year the payout is £140 – but it was already due to rise to £150 next year.

Some households are automatically paid cash, while others have to apply to their energy firm if they meet certain criteria.

A planned increase in benefits, including Universal Credit, could also be brought forward next year, as well as a proposal to help the “squeezed middle”.

Options are said to include government-funded direct rebates or council tax rebates on energy bills.

Reports have called a new unexpected tax Energy firms will be used to help those who are struggling – an option previously suggested by Labor and some senior Tories.

Ministers have also discussed a temporary VAT cut, although the Treasury is said to have reservations about the idea as it would not reduce the cost of fuel or food.

Other possible measures could include cutting council tax and increasing the winter fuel allowance.

Mr Sunak had planned to wait until July to unveil the package, when Offgame would be able to give a more accurate estimate of a possible increase in the price range in October.

But, the boss of the energy regulator revealed yesterday that he was writing to the Chancellor to say that Cap is £2,800. likely to increase,

Torsten Bell of Resolution Foundation, an independent think-tank, said Offgame’s decision to write to Mr Sunak “means one thing – a government announcement on additional help is coming in days”.

Mr Bell said the package to help struggling families would be worth more than £10 billion.

Any announcement is likely to be delayed till early next month if the details are not worked out in time.

A government spokesman said: “We understand that people are struggling with rising prices, and while we can’t save everyone from global challenges, we will be providing British families with £22 billion in support over the coming months.” Helping you navigate.

“This includes saving the typical employee more than £330 per year through a tax cut in July, allowing people to universal credit To keep their earnings even higher – benefitting over one million households by around £1,000 per year, and providing up to £350 each to millions of households to help with rising energy bills.

“The Vice-Chancellor has made it clear that as the situation develops, our response will evolve – and we are prepared to do more.”

Is Help Already Available?

The government earlier this year announced a slew of measures to help families grappling with rising cost of living.

millionpeople are receiving a council tax exemption of £150, and a A £200 refund on energy bills is set for October (although it will have to be paid back over the next five years).

Energy suppliers have hardship funds, which provide grants to those in energy debt. Yesterday, Bulb announced that it was reopen your plan And families can get up to £140.

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household relief Fund The U.S. has also been doubled to £1 billion, and gives local councils money to feed struggling residents of their area.

You can find out what support is available where you live by contacting your local authority,

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