Rishi Sunak reveals EVERY household will get £400 energy bill discount


RISHI Sunak has announced that every household in the UK will receive a £400 energy bill waiver.

chancellor The measure was announced as part of a bumper package of support to help Britons cope with the rising cost of living crisis.


Charities warn that rising energy bills are forcing many people to choose between heating and eatingcredit: getty


Mr Sunak said households were “being hit hard” by the rising bills, and that the government would give “significant support to the British people” to help achieve them.

he a. will fund measures by initiating Unexpected taxes on oil and gas companies.

they canceled plans for one “Discount and clawback scheme”Which would have given people £200 off their bills from October.

Mr. Sunak would instead convert the effective loans – which would later have been paid back in huge bills – into grants given by energy companies.

The package of measures is intended to support households with rising energy bills and record-high inflation.

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Earlier this week Offgame’s boss predicted that The bill could reach £2,800 in October.

The government announced help for families in February, including £150 council tax energy exemption for a family of four out of five.

household relief Fund The U.S. has also been doubled to £1 billion, and gives local councils money to feed struggling residents of their area.

But the cost of living crisis has since deepened and there have been widespread calls for more support to be given to families struggling with it.

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The boss of one of Britain’s biggest energy companies warned that the cost of living crisis could last for more than a year and a half.

Inflation is currently 9% and could rise further to 10%, the Bank of England has warned.

Wholesale energy costs are rising Due to global supply issues and the war in Ukraine.

While the price cap prevents these increases from being passed on to consumers immediately, the price cap is based on wholesale costs, which when reviewed show “shock” increases twice a year when they go up.

Ofgem is considering more regular reviews The top of the cap rises to spread, and passes on any fall first.

Meanwhile other costs have increased, from food to fuel, adding to the pressure on people’s finances.

petrol prices have reached record highs in recent months, while the price of some basic Food items have increased by up to 60%.

One mother told The Sun how she worries about Won’t be able to feed your kids or keep your fridge running Due to rising electricity bill.



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