Rishi Sunak to unveil bumper package TODAY to help hard-up Brits with soaring energy bills


RISHI Sunak will unveil a bumper package to help Britons deal with rising energy bills today.

chancellor will slap a new Unexpected taxes on oil and energy giants To help bankroll a multi-billion pound package of support.


Rishi Sunak will today give cash to the needy to reduce the cost of living through an unexpected tax on the oil and energy giants

No10 and No11 are believed to have rejected a tax cut Or check Trump-style in the post – for now.

it comes as energy bill £800 to £2,800 per year are due to rocket this October.

He’ll cancel plans for one “Discount and clawback scheme”Which would have given people £200 off their bills from October.

Mr. Sunak would instead convert the effective loans – which would later have been paid back in huge bills – into grants given to energy To kick out companies.

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1-in-3 voters back unexpected tax on energy firms to fund cost of living crisis

He will make a statement in the House of Commons today at 12.30 pm.

The Times reports that the value of the rebate can be increased to £400, with no need to refund the amount.

plans, which could set back £10 billion to the government, will form part of a “Mix and match” package with a range of measures to help the most vulnerable Coping with rising energy bills as well as inflation.

Ministers are not expected to extend exemptions to hot homes or VAT deduction – despite calls from Tory lawmakers.

expected to do something unexpected nuclear power and to boost windfarm supply.

The Chancellor will say that helping the poorest is his “number one priority”.

But he will warn the nation that he cannot completely save them from rising bills.

Council of Ministers is considering cutting the tax bill Band A to D. for over £150 off already announced – and increase in profit.

Although he made £20. refused to reinstate universal creditThe rise comes amid concerns that any increase will become permanent.

A Treasury spokesman said: “We understand that people are struggling with rising prices, which is why we have provided £22 billion in aid so far.

“The VC was clear that as the situation evolved, so would our response, with the weakest being his number one priority.”

Last night a source close to the PM said the measures were not a “one-trick pony” and Number 10 will continue to see help for families.

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Earlier this year, ministers announced funding to cut energy bills by up to £350.

But with heartbreaking stories of parents facing the choice of whether to eat or reheat and inflation as low as ten percent, they faced calls from Tories to do more.


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