Rishi Sunak warns energy bills could keep rising and hints ANOTHER cash package could be released to help hard-up Brits


Rishi Sunak suggested today that he may have to pay a third bailout to Britons next year if energy bills keep rising.

chancellor Twice refused to come back with another emergency package to defray the cost of living if this continues.


Rishi Sunak said he is ready and will stand by to help if needed again next yearcredit: mega agency

Just hours after announcing a massive £21bn support on rising inflation and rising bills, Mr Sunak told the BBC: “We are sitting here in May, we don’t know what the energy bills will be next April.

“I think people can judge me by my actions over the years.

“I have always tried to be responsive to the situation that the country and the economy is experiencing, we will always act like that.”

He said he warned to reassure people that “we will overcome this” and that inflation will eventually come down.

And he pointed out that rising gains in line with inflation will give Brits an extra hand next spring, when it is expected to fall.

Energy bills are expected to reach £2,800 in October, the watchdog said earlier this week – Up to another £800.

Mr Sunak said the most vulnerable families would receive an average of £1,200 in aid this year – roughly the same amount as the bill to increase this year.

But he insisted it would be “bad for our children” to keep withdrawing money forever and borrowing more.

tomorrow The chancellor set his second living package in six months to help tough Britons.

Each household will receive £400 at the end of this year – which will not need to be paid back – to reduce their bills.

in a big shower, Eight million low-income families will receive a cash payment of £650.

Pensioners would receive another £300, and disabled people another £150.

Am I eligible for additional cash assistance?

Who is eligible for the £650 payment?
The government has stated that £650 will help on the following benefits.

income based job seekers allowance
Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
income support
working tax credit
child tax credit
pension credit

When will I get paid £650?
£650 will be paid in two lump sums for those on benefits paid by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The first will be built “from July” and the second will arrive in the autumn.

The specific dates for payment have not been announced yet.

Payment on tax credits coming from HMRC will be “soon after” each of these payments.

This is to avoid people paying twice when they get other benefits on top of the tax credit.

Any person who was in receipt of any eligible benefit payment as of May 25, or who initiated a claim and subsequently succeeds, will receive the first payment.

Eligibility for the second payment will be announced at a later date, with a later date for applying for the cash amount.

This means you will get £325 in July and a second payment for £325 if you are eligible on both dates.


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