Sainsbury’s shoppers FURIOUS after tech error left them unable to spend boosted Nectar vouchers


FURIOUS Sainsbury’s customers have been left unable to use their Nectar vouchers until a technical error has been observed.

of supermarket amrit card scheme Sees shoppers earn one point for every £1 they spend in store and online.


Sainsbury’s buyers who have redeemed The Big Points swap have in some cases been unable to access their getty

You can trade your points for vouchers – one Nectar Card point is worth 0.5p.

in April, Sainsbury’s Tested an offer called The Big Points Swap, where you could trade in points for vouchers up to twice their monetary value.

So if you have 2,000 Amrit PointsYou can trade them in for vouchers up to £20.

Normally, 2,000 Nectar Points would be worth £10 in vouchers.

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Sainsbury’s stated that the Big Points swap deal was offered to “a small number of customers”.

But some shoppers have been left unable to pay for their groceries because the vouchers they received were not working.

Shopper Debbie Craig traded 12,000 points for a £60 voucher but said she has been following Sainsbury’s about her voucher issues since April.

“It’s completely dilapidated,” she told The Sun.

“I’ve spent weeks trying to solve this and it’s all over a brick wall.”

Sun has seen other shoppers on social media complaining of similar issues.

One shopper found that their vouchers weren’t working, so they were “very dissatisfied”.

They took to Twitter to complain, writing: “Can you explain why my big digits aren’t swapping out for a £20 barcode when I’m visiting @sainsburys?

“I’ve tried 3 times [the] The last 10 days, and all 3 times the cashier can’t explain why.”

Another customer tweeted that there was a “big issue” with their vouchers because they “didn’t work yet”.

Sainsbury’s said that behind the voucher issues was a system problem that affected a “small number” of shoppers.

It would not confirm how many buyers were affected.

After The Sun steps in to help reader Debbie, the supermarket sends her a work voucher that she can use for her purchases.

A spokesperson for Nectar said, “A brief system issue meant that a small number of customers experienced problems receiving vouchers on the Nectar app.

“We’ve got in touch with Debbie to explain this and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

“On this occasion, we have also arranged for a voucher for the full value that Debbie receives.”

What to do if you are affected

If you have participated in a Big Points swap and are facing problems with your voucher, you should contact Nectar directly to make a complaint.

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It has a live chat section on its website that you can contact, or you can call its customer service line on 0344 811 0811.

it also has one twitter page On which you can try to contact them.

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