Six home renovations that could hurt the value of your property by $1,000s


Spring is the peak season for home buying, but there are many mistakes that sellers often make.

One of the most costly is misestimating the value of some home repairs.


DIY projects can hurt the value of your property

This problem is common today, as Americans have spent unprecedented amounts of money on their homes during Covid.

from yard work to DIY ProjectsFor painting, homeowners are spending more on their property.

Home improvement Large scale business has seen a boon.

Home Depot Turns Record Breaking $40 Billion in Business sales in the last two years.

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If you are planning to put your home on the market, there are a number of improvements that you should think twice about making.

1. Too Many Wallpapers

The advice of most real estate agents is to declutter the home.

Sellers should allow potential buyers to visualize the space they occupy.

Wallpaper can get in the way.

Homebuyers may also see removing wallpaper as another headache they would like to avoid.

2. Too Much Carpeting

As with wallpaper, carpeting can distract from the home.

Home buyers are baffled by the idea of ​​removing it.

Plus, hardwood floors show fewer signs of wear.

3. Combination of bedrooms

Combining bedrooms to create one large room may seem like a good idea, but real estate investors say it’s a bad move if you don’t plan on living in the house forever.

Experts say that instead of taking down walls, sellers should try simple hacks to make each bedroom appear larger.

Sellers can try painting the walls lighter colors or swapping out old furniture for more modern and decadent pieces.

4. Closet Removal

Potential home buyers have been known to count the number of cupboards when viewing a home.

They are a major selling point.

There is sometimes a temptation to remove closet space to allow for new additions, such as a bathroom upgrade, but this should be resisted.

5. A Swimming Pool

Contrary to popular belief, a swimming pool is not the best way to add value to your home.

In fact, according to houselogicA swimming pool can add just 7% to a home’s value – and that’s only under certain circumstances.

In addition, they can reduce the number of potential buyers, as the most interested in the pool are usually young families.

And then there is maintenance.

Maintenance can be expensive, especially if you live in a seasonal climate where the pool will need to winter.

6. DIY Repair

Not all DIY repairs will hurt the value of your home, but you do need to be strategic.

The bottom line is to avoid any personalization that doesn’t suit the future owner.

You want to keep your property as marketable as possible.

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