Six ways to make huge savings on broadband, phone and TV deals


Everyone is facing problems due to the increase in household expenses faster than wages.

But according to price comparison service Uswitch, you can save an average of £170 a year just to find the best broadband, phone and tele deals.


Don’t Pay Exorbitant Bills for TV Services You Don’t Usecredit: getty

This week, Sun Money’s Rosie Murray-West explains how to nail those prices.


If you haven’t changed your broadband, landline and television providers recently, chances are you’re paying the odds.

Most providers increased their broadband prices by more than nine percent on March 31.

If you are still under contract with your provider you may have no choice but to pay the new prices, but there are deals available for those who can make the switch.

The first step towards cheap bills is to find out what you’re paying now, either by looking at old emails or calling your provider.

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Establish the broadband speed you’re getting and whether a landline phone is included. If you have television included, note which channels are there.

Are you still bound in a contract? If you are, you might not be able to make the switch completely yet.

If you’re out of contract, it’s time to switch or bargain, said Myron Jobson, personal finance specialist at investment group Interactive Investor.

He explains: “If you’ve been with a broadband provider for a while, it’s possible that any introductory offers have expired, and you’re paying more than you need to.”

What do you need?

Many of us pay for the bells and whistles on our entertainment and broadband packages that we don’t really need.

Cutting back can save a pound, says Anita Naik, lifestyle editor at discount code site, who recently saved £48 a month by doing so.

Anita switched from BT, where she was paying £68 a month for broadband, to a similar package of £23.50 for TalkTalk.

She advises: “Think well about what you actually use.

“Do you need that superfast internet if you’re mainly working in the office again? Do you need hundreds of TV channels if you only watch Netflix or Freeview channels?

become a deal hunter

The next step is to find the best deals available.

Websites like Uswitch, Compare the Market and Broadband Choices will help you compare different packages to find what’s right for you.

However, don’t choose only on price. You want faster Internet speeds, additional television channels, or a landline with an answering service.

Sometimes companies offer special deals, such as online gift cards or cashback, to persuade people to switch, so once you find a deal that works for you it’s worth checking out others. Compare whether or not websites provide sweetener.

Cashback sites such as Quidco or Topcashback are also worth checking out, for example, Quidco is currently offering £75 for a switch to Now Broadband.

If customer service is important to you then check out the complaint score.

Recent complaints from the data regulator Ofcom Shows that Shell Energy received the most complaints per 100,000 customers, while Sky and EE had the fewest complaints.

buyer beware

If broadband prices rise during the term of your contract, you may end up paying much more than you expected.

Providers are allowed to increase the prices if you are under contract if it is in their terms and conditions. These increases are usually linked to inflation, which is just too high.

from the middle of next month, Ofcom is introducing a new rule for firms obliging all new customers to give a simple example of how monthly prices can rise during the course of the contract.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We already have strict rules in place, which means companies must clearly set price increases before customers sign up, and they can’t just be included in the small print. Is.”

The change should make it easier for customers to understand what they will pay for overall.

Also check the length of your contract, so you don’t get locked out for too long.

how to bargain

Bargaining with an existing provider can save you cash without the hassle of switching.

The best time to do this is when you are nearing the end of your contract, or if you find that you are out of contract.

Adam Bullock, UK director of Topcashback, said the most efficient way to do this is to find out what deals are being offered first, and then find the best value.

Threatening to quit is a common tactic that often rewards, while Adam encourages even shy consumers to bargain with their provider.

He added: “After all, the worst thing that can happen is a retailer saying no.”

cut subscriptions

While finding the right broadband deal will save a lot of money, the savings can dwarf those of other television services, such as spending Netflix And Disney Plus,

Vicks Layton, consumer savings specialist for the Hot UK Deals website, revealed that the average family pays £420 a year for a TV subscription.

She said: “With so many streaming services starting at comparatively lower prices than the Sky and Virgin Media bundles, it’s easy to see how households would have combined a portfolio of different providers.”

Wix says that customers should not just keep these services if they want to watch something, but also cancel services they are not getting value from.

She added: “There’s always the flexible option of canceling and coming back.”

‘We don’t leave extra channels’

Chris AMD Nele Steel now saves £48 a month on your bill


Chris AMD Nele Steel now saves £48 a month on your billcredit: supply

Chris Steele was a Sky customer for almost ten years, but found that separating TV and broadband saved £48 a month without realizing it was missing.

The boss of the health insurance website, 37, from Poole, Dorset, said: “I looked at my bank statement and we were suddenly paying £75.99 a month, and just getting basic channels.”

So Chris and his wife, web designer Neale, bought a Freesat box to get TV and converted their broadband to Plusnet.

They now pay only £28 for broadband and nothing else, saving £48 per month.

He said: “We get double the speed for £28 per month.

“We don’t miss the Sky channels – it was just basic.”

best for sports lovers

  • the provider: Virgin Media
  • the packet: big + sports hd
  • Contract Length: 18 months
  • net speed: 108Mbps
  • setup cost: £35
  • monthly cost: £72

Katherine Healy, BROADBAND and telecommunications specialist at Uswitch, said: “For £72 per month, Virgin Media Biger + Sports HD will give you all the sports TV you are looking for.

“It has over 195 channels, including ten Sky Sports channels, all four BT Sport channels and Eurosport 1 and 2.

“If you can’t get Virgin Media in your area, the BT Fiber 2 and Big Sport package is £74.99 for over 136 channels and average speeds of 67 Mbps.”

best for gamers

  • the provider: vodafone
  • the packet: Pro Gigafast 900
  • Contract Length: 24 months
  • net speed: 910 Mbps
  • setup cost: none
  • monthly cost: £53

Katherine said: “If your kids are dedicated gamers, they’ll need a fast, reliable connection, especially when playing online games.

“Vodafone is offering some of the best deals on the market for those who need top speed.

“Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 with Alexa built in WiFi Booster delivers speeds of up to 910 Mbps at £53 per month, giving you one of the best possible online gaming experiences.”

Best for TV Addicts

  • the provider: Virgin Media
  • the packet: Big Bundle + Drama and Docs
  • Contract Length: 18 months
  • net speed: 213 Mbps
  • setup cost: £35
  • monthly cost: £37.99

Katherine said: “Tele fanatics can save money by combining their TV packages with broadband. Virgin Media Big Bundle + Dramas & Docs has over 145 channels.

“These include Sky’s cinema channels, such as Sky Premiere, which is showing The Matrix Resurrection next month.

“There’s sky animation to keep kids happy, plus BT Sport 1, 2 and 3 are all available in high definition.”

best for broadband

  • the provider: broadband now
  • the packet: super fiber
  • Contract Length: 12 months
  • net speed: 63 Mbps
  • setup cost: £5
  • monthly cost: £21

Katherine said: “Those who are looking for a low-speed broadband package that offers good speeds and good value for money can now try out the Broadband Super Fiber package.

“The contract period is only 12 months, so if you decide you want a higher premium package in the future, you won’t be tied down for very long.”

  • Prices correct at the time of publication – but they may vary. Always compare before switching.
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‘Deals to be made’

Rebecca Seeley Harris had been involved with Virgin for TV and broadband for 20 years, but only tried to bargain for a better deal when her package went from £38 to £62 a month.

Threatening to quit, he saved £24 a month by giving up TV service, tripling his broadband speed and getting a better mobile deal.

Rebecca, 55, of Exeter, who runs legal consultancy Ray Legal, now pays £38 a month for broadband.

She also got a cheaper SIM-only mobile deal with O2 – a Virgin company – saving another £25 on her contract.

She said: “I bought an Amazon Fire Stick (streaming device), which gives me all the TV I need.”

And she advises: “Stay firm and know what you want.

“There are deals to be done at the moment.”


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