Soccer Aid – England 1 World XI 1 LIVE SCORE: Both teams net penalties as game level – updates from Unicef charity game


England leveled against World XI in Football Aid after both sides scored penalties.

Chunkz brought down Patrice Evra to give Noah Beck a golden opportunity to score a goal before Beck returned the favor for fouling Chunky, Mark Wright equalized at home.

charity fundraiser soccer aid Returning to the capital to raise funds for a noble cause – UNICEF.

thought in 2006 by Distinguished Songwriter Robbie Williams, A combination of ex-professional soccer players and celebrities makes a England side and so on for the rest of the World XI team.

  • Kick Off Time: UK at 7.30
  • TV Channel: ITV 1
  • live stream: ITV Hub
  • England team: David James, Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Mark Wright, Sir Mo Farah, Liam Payne, Fara Williams, Mark Noble, Tom Grenon, Teddy Sheringham, Alex Brooker.
  • World XI Team: Petr Sech, Kaifu, Mo Gilligan, Patrice Evra, Roberto Carlos, Noah Beck, Martin Compston, Mark Strong, Heather O’Reilly, Andrey Shevchenko, Usain Bolt.

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  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    This is half of the two penalties so far.

    Both did not give much chance to the goalkeeper.

    Let’s hope to score more goals in the second half.

    credits: PA
  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    Let us not forget the reason why we are here today.

    As the footage shows in places like Bangladesh, severe floods have claimed many lives.

    For just £30, you can donate to a ‘School in a Box’ to make sure local children have everything they need to educate them.

    You don’t realize how good we have it until you see those who don’t.

  • HT: England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    Mark Clattenberg brings the half to a close.

    Entertaining 45 minutes showing why many of these players are actually actors, singers and YouTubers.

    Looks like fans love it never less.

  • England XI 1-1 Rest of the World XI

    45. Well that target was definitely ‘Made in Crawley’.

    The screenplay actor manages to place the League Two footballer in the bottom corner to avoid Petr Sech.

    Former Chelsea keeper unable to get it.

    credits: PA
  • Goal – Mark Wright (England XI)

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    43. Chunkz gets up and catches the ball he wants to take.

    Jamie Carragher pulls up the ranks and tells him, not today my youtube friends.

    Looks like Mark Wright will take it.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    41. Russell Howard finds Mark Wright.

    He whips the ball and finds Chunkz who goes down in the feet.

    Demand a judgment around him.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    39. Robbie Keane comes in for Mo Gilligan.

    You can feel Caragher and Neville’s moans as he joins the game.

    Usain Boult is causing enough problems for England’s defense without the involvement of the Irish striker.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    37. It’s good to see that Mark Clattenberg is still as fast as any Premier League referee.

    It is totally wrong to decide without VAR room to ask him to go and look at the monitor.

    Joe Cole tries his luck from outside the box but Petr Cech is equal and hits the ball wide tip of the post.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    35. Joe Cole still has the skills to pay the bills.

    He finds Tom Grenon who finds Mo Farah at the backpost through more luck than judgment.

    Farah went down to claim a penalty from Evra’s challenge.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World

    33. Kaifu makes his way to the box again.

    He’s clearly been brought down by Russell Howard.

    Fortunately for England the referee demands that Brazil stand and it is not happening that there was contact.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    31. Joe Cole has joined the game.

    He feeds Russell Howard but the good news for the spectators is that he cannot control the ball.

    Rest of the World XI clear.

    credit: getty
  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World

    29. Some players are already looking tired.

    Rolling options are saving lives tonight.

    Alex Brooker looked like he was on his last legs before he arrived.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    27. Liam Payne left the pitch in place of Mark Noble.

    Russell Howard also enters the game.

    Kaifu is about to take a corner for the visitors.

    He finds Berbatov who gets him with a good header, but his effort goes wide.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    25. Noah Beck is driving things in the middle of the park.

    Evra is projecting herself down to the left all the time.

    Bolt is causing trouble for England.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World XI

    23. Chunks has made an interesting start to the game.

    He has displayed grace and elegance in the turning circle of an aircraft carrier and his box of bullocks in a Chinese shop.

    As D-Reem once said, things can only get better.

  • England XI 0-1 Rest of the World

    21. Noah Beck hits the ball in the top corner.

    David James has no chance.

    Visitors lead.

    credit: getty
  • Goal – Noah Beck (Rest of the World XI)

  • England XI 0-0 Rest of the World XI

    19. Chunks Ford goes after Patrice Evra like Mondeo.

    The man who spent most weeks crying over Wim Hoff’s “Freeze the Fear” manages to keep water works at bay.

  • England XI 0-0 Rest of the World XI

    17. Usain Bolt has some football takers.

    A shot away from the middle of the box, he forces David James to make a full save.

    Brilliant save from the ex-England keeper, sweeps the ball over the bar.

  • England XI 0-0 Rest of the World XI

    15. Grenon feeds Chunkaj in the middle of the park.

    Sadly, the YouTuber shows all the speed of a combine harvester and makes it easy for the rest of the world to clean up.

    Quick counter attack here.

  • England XI 0-0 Rest of the World XI

    13. Tom Grenon has the ball again and cuts it from the inside before taking the shot.

    Petr Cech needs to tip it over the bar to tackle it.

    Tom is off to a good start, something must be in the water in the England dressing room.

  • England XI 0-0 Rest of the World XI

    11. It could be a rough night for Jamie Carragher.

    Marking Usain Bolt is no small feat for anyone.

    He can only hope that the player is more than 100 meters away from the target when he picks up the ball tonight.

    credit: getty


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