Subway reveals major menu shake-up with new snacks and drinks hitting stores TODAY


Subway has given its menu a facelift ready for summer.

The major shake-up features the launch of brand new items for the taste of the fans.


Subway is introducing five new menu items this summercredit: Alamy

Including breakfastAnd even the drink itself, five new items have popped up on the menu starting today.

Fans will be able to try:

  • Margarita Slices, £1.29. From
  • Pepperoni Slices, £1.39. From
  • Steak Loaded Nachos, £3.59 . From
  • Jude’s Chocolate Milkshake, £1.99. From
  • and Jude’s Flat White Iced Coffee, £1.99. From

Brand new pizza-style slices would make a great snack for anyone hungry Subway-Goers, especially if they’re looking for something different from the standard sandwich the brand is known for.

It’s not too far from the original though, as both the margarita and pepperoni slices are made with half a toasted six-inch-sub.

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They’re then topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar, along with Subway’s signature marinara sauce.

fans have to to pay From £1.29 for the plain margarita version, while the added pepperoni topping makes £1.39 or more a piece.

Prices may vary by location.

Meanwhile, for some, Steak Loaded Nachos will definitely fill a hole.

You might even recognize the taste, because the crunchy tortilla chips are, in fact, the cupboard favorite, Doritos.

thanks for doing Subway’s Expert ChefingThey’re filled with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, as well as salsa, and topped with succulent steak pieces.

But, for a cost of £3.59, the snack is available exclusively online.

That means you’ll only be able to get your hands on Mexican-inspired grub if you order through the Subway app or through a delivery service like Just Eats, Uber Eats or the like. deliveru,

Just keep in mind that an additional delivery fee is likely to apply – depending on how far you live from the store.

You can deposit for free when you order on the app.

And while the new snack may make your mouth water, you’ll soon be after a drink to completely wash it down.

Jude’s Chocolate Milkshake or Flat White Iced Coffee should do the trick at £1.99 a pop.

Both new refreshing drinks can also be enjoyed as part of Subway meal deal Upgrade too.

The chain’s own-dinner combo typically consists of a sub, salad or wrap, as well as a cookie or packet of crisps, which are topped with a drink.

Overall it can cost from £4.79 – saving fans some money in their pockets when compared to buying the items individually.

And you can start mixing and matching right away as the all new range will be available online and across all Subway stores starting today.

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Subway isn’t the only high street foodie revamping its menu McDonald’s starts a brand new summer gift today.

We also Treat yourself to a taste before the drop.

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