Surprising summer garden appliance could be adding £125 to your bills


They can make your garden twinkle in the summer, but outdoor lights can add £125 to your energy bills.

As prices rise, millions of households are looking at ways to reduce their energy bills.


Your outdoor lighting may be too heavy for youcredit: getty

Offgame’s boss warned that the price range could go up anywhere “in the region of £2,800” In October, an additional £830 was added to the bills.

This is another serious blow to the budget, as 60 lakh families are indebted to their supplier. Average of £188.

You might want to reconsider whether you really need to switch outdoor lights as prices increase outside—we explain why.

How much does it cost to run an outdoor light?

Outdoor lighting can come in handy when your BBQ is on at night – but it could cost you a small fortune.

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According to energy specialist Loop, having just two 60-watt outdoor lights for 10 hours a night can add £125 a year to your energy bills.

This may not sound like much, but on top of all the energy used by your home appliances, it can all add up.

How to Avoid the Shock of the £125 Bill

If you are buying lights, try to choose energy efficient options.

One option is to consider solar-powered lights, which absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and use it to power when it’s dark.

This means the lights won’t draw as much power to run from the mains – and will reduce your bills.

You can also try ditching your lights altogether.

If you have a fire pit, you can light a fire – that won’t use any energy, and will also keep you warm.

What other garden tools are driving up my bills?

One of the biggest energy puzzlers you can find in your garden is a hot tub.

Loop estimates that some of the least energy efficient models – which are often the cheapest – can add up to £300 per month electricity bills,

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If you’re firing up the grill, you might be tempted to plug in that extra fridge to keep food and drinks cold.

but the loop said a unused spare fridge It can cost £99 per year to go.

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