The 10 most expensive appliances to run in your home revealed


It’s no secret that running appliances in your home costs money.

But some devices may be heavier than you think.


You may be spending more on your equipment than you think Revealed the top ten devices that broke the bank, and they might surprise you.

Jonathan Marie, Chief Executive, comments: “The cost of living crisis and increased price limits on energy bills are an issue affecting families across the country.

“Our research shows that combined, many of these devices cost too much to run simultaneously under current energy tariffs.”

Air Conditioning

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It’s no secret that running air conditioning is expensive, but apparently it has been the most expensive in the long run, costing homeowners £137.76 per month if used for eight hours a day Is.

Fortunately, air conditioning is rarely needed for most of us in the UK, so you don’t need to worry too much about it.

electric heater

While most homes do not have access to air conditioning, most of us have used an electric heater, but using one for only two hours as a day can cost £16.80 per month.

You might think that because you can direct the heat directly at you and heat only the room you’re using, an electric heater would be a cheaper heating alternative to turn on the heating.

But in reality, the amount of energy used by these heaters can make them an expensive way to keep warm.

a log burner According to the Stove Industry Alliance’s calculations, there may be a cheaper solution.

or you can cohabit under a electric blanket – We worked out that it only costs 0.8p to run one for 30 minutes.

tumble dryer

For a family of four, a tumble dryer costs around £13.44, according to money transfer pros.

Of course, the price of walking a tumble dryer Depends on what kind of machine you use.

Where possible, drying clothes in the sun or hanging them on a clothesline can help save some cash.

The most obvious way to save money is to choose to hang out

Just keep in mind that it may take longer for your load to dry depending on the season.

Washing machine

For a family of four, using a washing machine can cost you £10.08 per month, or £120.96 per year.

Similar to tumble dryers, the cost largely depends on the make and model of your machine.

A typical UK family does giant Washing load 270 times a yearso make sure you have one machine that works for you Absolutely necessary.

fridge Freezer

Fridge freezers came out as the fifth most expensive appliance to operate, costing households £9.52 to operate.

Of course, you can unplug your freezer not only to save money, but there are other ways to cut costs as well. running your fridge freezer,

It can add up to as much if you don’t defrost your freezer compartment. £150 per year on your bill.Frost buildup increases the amount of work your freezer’s motor has to do.

And if the motor is working harder, that means it’s using more energy.


Your go-to for a hot cuppa may cost less than you think.

Money Transfer said: “Research from utility shows that a quarter of UK adults thought their kettle was using the most energy – while in fact, it is only the sixth most expensive appliance per month.”

Using your kettle for just 15 minutes a day could cost you £80.64 per year or £6.72 per month.

games console

Using a game console like the Xbox One X for four hours a day can cost £6.05 per month, or £72.58 per year.

one in Report published by BBCBritish Gas suggested that households should turn off appliances that are not being used – or are on standby.

The report said: “The Energy Saving Trust (EST) said consumers need to consider which appliances they keep running.

“It is estimated that families will save around £55 a year by turning off all their devices when not in use.”

smart TV

Your Netflix habit could be costing you more than just your subscription.

The ninth most expensive device to run, your Smart TV can cost you £3 per month or £35.95 annually.

Luckily, there are some clever ways save money by playing your tv So that you can sit back and watch your favorite series guilt free.

light bulb

Keeping your home lighted probably costs a lot less than you think.

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In fact, it’s at the bottom of the list of money transfers according to the pros, costing just £2.02 per month, assuming four uses per day.

However, this prince can thrive if you have many lamps, or don’t turn off the light bulbs in empty rooms.

Your cup of tea costs more than just tea bags and milk


Your cup of tea costs more than just tea bags and milkcredit: Getty Images – Getty


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