The 14 areas where £150 council tax rebate should be paid NOW


£150 will be paid to millions of families to help them through the cost of living crisis.

council tax exemption Four out of five homes being built after energy price cap hike in April bill


Council tax energy rebates being paid to millionscredit: Alamy

living in Council tax Bands A to D are eligible for lump sum payment from 1st April.

When you receive the £150 council tax payment depends on where you live.

The lucky locals have already been paid Places like Sunderland, Bracknell And East Hampshire.

But due to delay in payment arrangements, many people are still waiting for significant cash.

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Several councils have confirmed May payment dates for a number of eligible residents.

Families in Liverpool, Derby and Northumberland are among those who should have now received council tax exemptions.

Many billers are not getting paid until after paying their first council tax bill installment in April to confirm their eligibility for the scheme.

Residents of the following areas are among those who should have got paid in May by now.

  • Hammersmith & Fulham – Starts with direct debit from early May through mid-May
  • Lewisham – With direct debit from May
  • Thurrock – from the beginning of May
  • Sevenoaks – Between 1st May to 31st May with Direct Debit
  • Liverpool – from 1 May
  • sparse – starting in May
  • Gloucester – May 2 if direct debit is done on April 15 and May 13 if direct debit is done on April 22 or 28
  • South Lakeland – aim to start making them in early May
  • Halton – from Mayo
  • North Tyneside – Target to make first payment in May 2022
  • Northumberland – with direct debit until early May
  • Derby – with direct debit until mid-May
  • Southend on the Sea – from 4 May
  • Rother – 24th May with Direct Debit

You can check when payments are being made by doing your inquiry where you live Local Council website and social media pages.

If you pay your Council Tax bill by Direct Debit the payment is being made automatically.

If you don’t have this set up you may have to apply – and it This can mean a long wait for cash,

Some councils are yet to share details on how to apply for people without direct debit.

Anything else? Local officials have said payments won’t start until June Required to send discounts due to software updates – even with direct debit.

If you have a direct debit set up to make council tax bill payments, you are more likely to get paid sooner than if you paid manually.

If you’re eligible for a waiver, but you don’t pay the bill and need to apply, you should keep track of a letter.

This can also be the case if you pay your bill manually and the council does not have the bank details on record for you.

Your council will walk you through how to apply for £150.

But beware of scams where criminals are asking for bank details via text, email or call, claiming that’s how you get the discount.

Experts have warned About red flags to watch so that you do not lose cash.

If you’re not sure whether you qualify for a payment, you can find out which band you’re in to see if you qualify for an automatic plan.

You can find out which band you are in to see if you are eligible for the automatic plan, or need to apply to the fund by using government search tool – You just need to enter your postcode.

Any person who is not eligible for exemption, for example families in council tax band EH, can apply for cash payment if they are struggling.

different £144m fund Also launched are what local councils can prepare for vulnerable and low-income families.

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Some councils, such as Camden, have opened applications. For cash up to £150.

If you are in your overdraft it could mean that the payment goes towards paying some of your dues, unless you tell your bank that you need the money to pay the required bills,

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