The age to claim Social Security could go higher – see when you will be able to collect your full benefits


As Americans live and work longer, the normal retirement age is ticking up too.

In a sign that lawmakers agree, Congress is weighing bills that would increase required minimum distribution (rmd) age.


The age at which you can claim Social Security benefits may increase in the getty

The RMD age is the age the IRS requires people to take back from their retirement accounts or face penalties.

as stated CNBCChanges in RMD age can be spread over a long period of time social Security,

A senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Mark J. Warshawski said the change “could cascade to other official ages in the tax code and government programs, including Social Security”.

While no changes to Social Security are working, there are a few reasons they may be coming.

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May prolong the lifespan of RMDs

The age of RMD will increase under the new retirement bill.

bill, known as Securing a Strong Retirement ActOr for short, Secure 2.0 will increase the age of the RMD to 75.

The growth will be gradual.

The age of RMD will be 73 in 2023, 74 in 2030 and 75 in 2033.

Current RMD age is 72.

The following types of savings accounts require RMDs:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • September IRA
  • simple ira
  • 401(k) Plans
  • 403(b) Plans
  • 457(b) plans
  • profit sharing plan
  • Other defined contribution plans

Secure 2.0 heads to the Senate – whether it passes remains to be seen.

The Social Security Administration will run out of funds by 2035

Another reason to expect Social Security to be aging is funding.

For Social Security funds, lawmakers have three options:

  • raise taxes on profits
  • raise payroll tax
  • raise retirement age

almost 6 million Every year new people sign up for Social Security.

But if retirees have to wait longer to claim benefits, it means less money will be pulled from the Social Security trust, making it last longer.

Latest Social Security Administration Annual Trustees report good showed that the program would now be able to provide full benefits by 2035 under current projections.

When can you start collecting Social Security?

While you can start receiving social Security At age 62, you are entitled to full benefits when you reach your age Full Retirement Age (FRA),

Your FRA is the age for which you are fully eligible social Security retirement benefits.

the year and month you arrive FRA Depends on your year of birth.

The FRA for most people is currently 66 and a set number of months, or 67.

If you wait until your FRA, not only will you receive your full retirement benefit, but if you delay taking your benefit before your FRA, your benefit will increase every year until age 70.

MPs are also considering proposals that would increase the average FRA to 68 to save funds.

According to Maury Backman, the Social Security Administration could save up to 14% of its losses with this one-year push. The Motley Fool.

If this change is implemented, millions of Americans would be encouraged to delay their retirement by a year to maximize benefits.

How can you apply for Social Security?

Average Social Security Check There is an increase of about $92 in 2022, bringing the new monthly average to $1,657.

you can apply for retirement or spousal benefits With SSA Online.

You must be at least 61 years and 9 months old and you want your benefits to start no more than four months in the future.

If you qualify for both retirement and spousal benefits, the SSA has a guide with more information,

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