The Ford F-150 Lightning can charge itself – but one self-charging method remains the most efficient


Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning can charge itself via bi-directional charging and regenerative braking.

But this pickup truck’s regenerative braking provides the most effective self-charging rate.


Ford F-150 Lightning on the assembly linecredit: getty

regenerative braking is a electric vehicle (EV) charging technology that stores kinetic energy that would have been wasted during deceleration or full-stop braking, science direct Report.

Regenerative braking is most efficient during stop-and-go traffic and least helpful during continuous highway driving.

Regenerative braking efficiency varies across motors but lands in the neighborhood of 60%-70%, electrek Report.

Energy loss during regenerative braking occurs when kinetic energy is captured and when an electric car is converting that energy back into acceleration, Tesla Report.

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Various factors that affect regenerative braking effectiveness include driver position, terrain, and vehicle size.

Large electric models like Ford’s The F-150 Lightning captures more kinetic energy during regenerative braking because they have more momentum.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning can additionally charge itself via bi-directional charging which uses a battery pack to power other electrical devices outside the vehicle.

Drivers can use the Ford F-150 Lightning’s bi-directional charging by plugging their truck’s charging cable into a 240-volt outlet in the vehicle’s bed.

A 7.2-kWh inverter powers the Ford F-150 Lightning model, Fox reports.

The drivers decided to experimentally plug the Ford F-150 Lightning’s charging cable into the truck’s 240-volt outlet.

Testing showed that the truck charged itself with 12% of wasted energy.

These energy losses occurred when the F-150 Lightning converted electricity from DC to AC, back to DC, car and driver Report.

As of now, the 2022 F-150 Lightning starts at $39,947 Wade,

Ford F-150 Lightning in action


Ford F-150 Lightning in actioncredit: Ford


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