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A lush garden can be the key to increasing your home’s value – as 57% of Brits would pay more for a home with rich greenery.

Property hunters look for a clean front garden above all, with 62% claiming it makes a property attractive – above other factors such as roof condition (50%) or walls (47%).

Click on the image for more details and to find out how you can get the perfect garden.


Click on the image for more details and to find out how you can get the perfect garden.

Increasingly green-fingered Brits may also look to nature to make their homes stand out, as nearly two-thirds of homeowners are concerned about the loss of greenery in gardens.

And those who invest their time in gardening are likely to benefit, as three-quarters said they prefer natural grass over artificial alternatives.

But with a lack of knowledge about plants (26%), too much physical involvement (21%) and time constraints (19%) among the barriers to adding more natural greenery to gardens, it is easier for everyone to be green. Not there.

More than three quarters (77%) are ready to change their gardening habits, although about half are ready to create more habitat for wildlife.

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While four in 10 will want to invest in planting native plants and more than a third will offer natural greenery, such as lawn areas, shrubs and trees.

A study of 2,000 adults who own a home with a garden found that seven in 10 tend to take care of their yard, grow flowers, water the plants, and mow the lawn among their favorite activities.

research, commissioned by Honda UK Power Tools It was also revealed that the pandemic has changed views on gardening, with more than a third now interested in the pastime compared to before March 2020.

The typical homeowner spends an average of 168 minutes — about three hours — a week in their garden during the spring and summer months.

And far from being a good-weather gardener, he still maintains a 102-minute weekly routine between September and February.

It also emerged that gardens have become a central part of daily life, as homeowners are able to relax (67%), entertain friends and family (39%), eat (36%) and keep their pets (24%) outside. take pleasure.

And more than seven out of 10 believe that gardening improves their mental health.

Garden designer and RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold winner, Kate Gould, said: “Gardens are a property’s natural wealth and create the first and last impression for potential buyers.

“If a garden has some neat greenery, it’s more likely to stand out.

“With so many artificial options on offer – which don’t always reduce maintenance levels – the appeal of a green space can soon be lost.

“We must not forget what role our green spaces play apart from looking aesthetically pleasing.

“It’s about balancing practicality with the shared goal of not forgetting about nature.”

But one in five of those polled via OnePoll named mowing as the most time-consuming part of maintaining their lawn, while more than three in 10 would enjoy gardening if they had Have technology to help them.

Steve Morris, head of power tools at Honda, who began the research to uncover its autonomous robotic mower, the Mimo, said: “We know that life is busier than ever, and it often makes us want to garden. Prevents greening.

“However, technology is on our side.

“Through intuitive features like full autonomy, automatic charging and micro-mulching, technology can take those somewhat time-consuming tasks away from us, so we can focus on what we love about gardens.” do — even if it’s just resting in one.”

Garden designer Kate Gould tells us her top tips for adding greenery to your garden

  1. Add greenery that lasts all year long to form the backbone of the structure that will create interest even in the dullest months of winter.
  2. Plant with pollinating insects in mind. Not only do these plants smell amazing to look at (and often do), they will be beneficial to the planet.
  3. Create a real lawn. There is no comparison to the artificial.
  4. Planting trees is one of the easiest ways to green up a space and their presence greatly enhances the visual appreciation of our outdoor spaces.
  5. Consider planting herb and salad crops in plants near your kitchen or barbecue. They will provide a new source for cutting and harvesting in the summer.
  6. Make sure you consider your health while gardening. Raised beds are a good choice for the young, elderly or people with mobility issues.
  7. Plant trees from the point of view of a hot planet; Palms, cycads and other tropical plants add texture and interest throughout the year.
  8. Caring for and caring for your plants proves beneficial to you too, so water and feed, prune and clean up and all will be better for you.
  9. Consider permeable surfaces to aid water runoff. Gravel not only looks beautiful but is also inexpensive to install.
  10. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Gardening is hard work so it’s time to relax and unwind in the space you have created.

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