Thousands of Americans are eligible for extra food stamps for July – but you must act TODAY


Thousands of Americans may be eligible to receive additional food stamps next month.

For those who qualify, benefits can range up to the full monthly benefit, but you must act quickly.


The state has thousands of snap benefits available to Ohio residents affected by inclement weather, which caused power outages and food getty

today is the deadline ohio residents who receive Supplemental Nutrition Support Benefits (SNAP) to apply for additional benefits if they had to skip meals as a result of a power cut that occurred two weeks ago.

Ohio Association of Foodbanks posted on Facebook Page that if you receive a Snap and lose power for four consecutive hours or more, you have 10 days to request replacement benefits.

About 300,000 were left without power when the storm swept across the state on June 13.

many lost Electricity for almost a full week, resulting in four storm touch down according to National Weather Service,

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Here’s more information about whether you qualify or not and the steps you need to take now to claim benefits.

who is eligible

People who experienced misfortunes such as fire, floods or power outages for four or more hours, resulting in loss of food, and:

  • have received food aid profit during the month in which the disaster occurred (in this case, June).

How to Claim Replacement Snap Benefits

To get the replacement amount, which cannot exceed the total allocation for the month, here is what you should do as of today:

  • Include verification if you are able to support your claim.

Replacement food assistance benefits are added to recipients’ Ohio Direction cards.

The amount you receive depends on your monthly SNAP benefits, but this amount cannot exceed the amount you receive in a month.

Benefit amount Household size is determined on the basis of expenses and resources in some situations.

visit for more information Or call (866) 244-0071 or (614) 466-4815.

Another Ohio organization, impact community action$250. is offering kroger Gift cards to those who are eligible to help replace food lost during an outage.

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more on energy here Discount Connected to power outages in Ohio.

Plus, learn more about the thousands of students who qualify for Meal Gains up to $375 this summer.


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