Thousands of Americans to get $3,200 in double relief payments – could you be eligible?


Thousands of Americans in the state of Alaska are set to receive two relief payments that add up to $3,200 in aid.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy stimulus package passed For State on June 29.


Alaska residents eligible for $3,200 reliefcredit: Getty Images – Getty

As part of the package, Alaska residents will receive two miscellaneous inflation relief paymentAccording to state officials.

Two payment will receive in a check or transaction, report marka news,

The larger of the two payments will come from the Permanent Fund of Alaska.

This one-time amount of $2,550 would be from dividends from all of the state’s oil assets.

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MARCA reports that, according to Alaska government records, this is the highest dividend since 1982.

Last year, the permanent fund dividend was $1,114, which makes this year’s grant more than double the amount.

The second payment is an energy relief payment of $650 and aims to reduce the cost of inflation according to MARCA.

To qualify for Permanent Fund Dividends, you must:

  • Be a resident of Alaska for the full calendar year prior to the date you applied for the dividend
  • Intend to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely when you apply for dividends
  • See other criteria for eligibility under Alaska Statute 43.23.005 and AS 43.23.008

There is no delivery date yet for incentive checks.

Last year, however, Alaskans received their dividends within eight days after their applications were in “not eligible” status.

The relief payment will cost the Alaska government an estimated $2.1 billion.

A larger stimulus check with a $5,500 relief payment was proposed by Governor Dunleavy. alaska beacon,

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However, this proposal was rejected by the MPs.

The government would not approve the $3.6 billion cost, Beacon reports.


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