Thousands of households are missing out on council tax bill discount of up to 100%


Homeowners struggling with rising cost of living can save hundreds of pounds a year by claiming the council tax exemption.

Millions of households are eligible for an exemption – and some may even wipe out the balance to zero.


You may be eligible to receive money from your council tax billcredit: getty

From Exemptions to Deductions, Here’s Every Time You Might Be Eligible for Deductions on Your Council tax bill.

council tax exemption

Millions of families are starting to get one £150 off their council tax,

giveaway was announced by Rishi Sunki earlier this year, as part of a package of measures to help households cope with rising energy bills.

Council Tax Bands A to D families will get the money – that’s about 15 million households across the country.

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You can find out which band you are in by entering your postcode government search tool,

Those in the higher band can still apply for help through the £144million discretionary fund, so you won’t necessarily miss out.

The fastest way to get cash is if you pay your council tax bill by direct debit.

These families will get the payment money directly in their bank account.

If you do not pay by direct debit, you may have to apply for your cash. How to do this, check with your local council.

The payments had started from April 1, but many families are still waiting.

Others have complained that the cheap gift barely offsets it. Council tax bills risewhich came into force in April.

Some people have seen their loved ones going up as much as 6%,

But some councils are giving extra cash on top of discount,

lonely man

Far from government exemptions, the amount of help you can get with your council tax bill will depend on your circumstances and where you live.

Factors such as your household income, whether you have children, and if you receive any benefits, will affect what you get.

However if you live on your own, you can get 25% off your council tax bill,

This also applies if there is one adult and one student living together in a property, or if there is one adult and one person in the household classified as severely mentally handicapped.

If you live with someone who doesn’t have to pay council tax, such as a caregiver or a severely mentally disabled person, you can also get a larger deduction of up to 50%.

And, if you live in a full student family, you can get a 100% discount.

A full list of circumstances that exempt you from paying council tax can be found here citizen advice,


Pensioners can also find themselves eligible for deduction of council tax.

If you get the guarantee credit element of the pension credit, you can also get 100% exemption.

If you don’t receive it, you can still get help even if you are on a low income.

Typically, pensioners with less than £16,000 in savings may be eligible for a deduction.

The single person discount is also available for pensioners – so if you live alone, you can get a 25% discount.

low income families

a . family with low income or benefits May also qualify for a reduction in their council tax.

Your needs for getting help will vary depending on where you live, so the best first step is to contact your local council.

You can find out what your local council is access government website,

If you don’t qualify for the deduction, but you’re struggling to pay your council tax, you can talk to your council about the deferral.

This can let you set up a more manageable payment plan to make sure you can stay on top of costs.

If you are concerned it is best to speak to your council as soon as possible. loan of, Organizations such as Citizens Advice and Stepchange may also be able to offer advice.

Council tax is a priority bill – if you fall behind you could pay the entire year’s balance in one go, while non-payment could result in bail, court action or even imprisonment.

A recent investigation by The Sun revealed that difficult families can get their council tax debt cancellation,

Local officials are keen to clear record levels of arrears.

How to Apply for Council Tax Exemption

official website Your first port of call is to apply for a reduction in your council tax.

You will need some personal information to hand over such as your national insurance number, passport and bank details.

If you don’t qualify for the exemption, but think you may be paying too much, you could potentially apply to have your home repossessed.

This requires some research, which includes finding out which council tax bands your neighbors are in and finding out how much your property was worth in 1991 (when the bands were set).

There is no guarantee that your claim will be successful, and you may even be pushed into a higher band and pay more.

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One Mum recently won an appeal on her council tax band Who has saved him and his neighbors in thousands.

If you want to go ahead with any challenge, you can contact Assessment Office Agency (VOA) in England and Wales or Scottish Accessors Association (SAA) in Scotland.

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