Thousands of households in line to get EXTRA fuel vouchers for spiralling energy bills – check if you’re eligible


Thousands of families are queuing up to receive additional fuel vouchers that will help with rising energy costs.

It comes as people across the country struggle to spend money to pay Note Pile at the front door.


Thousands of households could get additional fuel vouchers to make up for rising energy billscredit: getty

electricity bill last month 54% increaseBringing the average annual price a family has to pay to £1,971.

that’s because Price cap increased on 1st AprilThe standard tariffs for around 18 million households across the UK add on average around £700 to bills.

Bill-payers not yet clear, as further increase in cap could make it £2,800. move up to Later in the year as well, adding another £800 to the bills.

but it’s with people prepayment meter who are most sensitive to rising costs and increased standing fee,

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So a local authority has stepped in to offer additional assistance in the form of fuel vouchers for all those eligible.

go to voucher People with pre-payment metersAs it is estimated that around 120,000 people will be in the race.

However there are around 49,000 vouchers for Grab, which will range from £30 in the summer months to £49 in the winter.

Any family that can claim will get it in three installments over a span of six months.

The only catch, this is a scheme that is being rolled out in Wales.

The Welsh Government has launched a £4million fuel voucher scheme to help those in their hardest hit.

Figures show people in the north of Wales have been hit hardest by rising tariffs on pre-payment meters in the UK, report ITV News,

Their cost alone has increased by 102%.

This means that only residents living in qualifying areas across the border will be able to receive this support.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no help for anyone living on this side of Severn Crossing.

Where else can I get help?

For anyone living elsewhere in the UK domestic assistance fund helping to accomplish.

the scheme launched in october last year to help Britons make their payments through the winter amid a cost of living crisis.

Councils up and down the country received a slice of the £500million money available to dish to Britons in need.

It has been updated twice since then £500 million new matches allotted for a period of one year.

Councils can withdraw money however they like and everyone will offer something different.

Eligibility rules may also vary, so it’s best to check in with your local Authorities, to find out what can be had for Grab as well as how you can apply.

reading councilFor example, it is giving energy vouchers worth £98 to its own pensioners, as well as £49 to help area families cover similar costs.

meanwhile town of knosley It topped its funding from the government to offer residents a total of £200 to spend on energy costs.

That’s not the only help on the table, though.

You may be able to get money directly from your energy supplier.

British Gas has made a total investment of £6 billion For example, to help clients with their own hardship grants.

They may be entitled to assistance if they have less than £1,000 in savings and between £250 to £750 on an open gas or electricity or duel fuel account.

But British Gas isn’t the only energy firm to offer this, so it’s always worth checking with your own supplier.

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Families can also get help winter fuel paymentWhich gives people over 65 between £100 and £300 towards the cost of keeping their homes warm during the colder months.

and older people, on pension credits or other benefits, may be eligible to pay up to £150 for heating costs under hot house discount planLater in the year as well.

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