Three CVS and Walgreens makeup dupes that are over 80% cheaper than the designer brands


Shopping for new makeup products can put a big dent in your bank account, but one influencer is making sure you never pay more than you should.

Makeup can be glamorous, even if it is a part of your daily routine, but it can also be expensive.


Influencer Rocio Soria shares affordable dupes for designer makeup productscredit: instagram/rosioxsoria

you can pay bills quickly Even if you plan to buy only two or three items.

Influencer and Makeup Specialist rosio soria showed how three popular products cost them over $80.

Luckily, she’s sharing her favorite duplicates of high-end products that perform just as well, and cost a fraction of the price.

All thugs come from drugstores like CVS And WalgreensWhich often also has coupons so you can get an even better deal.

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First, the highly coveted Dermablend concealer boasts incredible coverage at a high price of $28.

Soria found that L’Oréal Infallible Concealer performs the same and has a similar formula, but costs 50% less at just $10.

Hula bronzers are a cult favorite and retail for $30.

For those who use the shade Caramel, head to the store and pick up Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Shady Sandy Beaches.

Not only is it a perfect match, but it also costs 87% less at just $4.

Once you find an eyeliner that works for you, it’s hard to change it.

IT Cosmetics has wowed customers with the Superhero Liquid Liner, but it comes at a price tag of $25.

Wet n Wild saves the day once again with its Breakup Proof Liquid Liner, which costs just $5.99, which is 77% less than the Superhero Liner.

Some of the products they share are priced at 80% less than the designer option


Some of the products they share are priced at 80% less than the designer optioncredit: instagram/rosioxsoria

more ways to save

It may take some trial and error to find your favorite makeup products, which means you’ll be spend more than you plan,

A former Sephora employee explains how you can return any product which did not work for you.

Feather TIC TocWhere she goes by Madebywells, she said most people don’t know they can return products to Sephora, even if they’ve been used.

The only exception is that the item you wish to return cannot be used for more than 33% of the time.

She also said there’s a way to get around Sephora’s return policy, which states that the product must be returned within 30 days with a receipt for a full refund.

If you don’t have a receipt, unless there is a way to view the purchase, such as if you have beauty insider Rewards account, you will be eligible to receive a refund.

Refunds will be provided using the same payment type that was originally used to make the purchase.

If you return the product 30-60 days after purchase, the terms change, she said.

At that point, you will be refunded as a trade credit, or as an exchange.

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is an upside down former employee Found out which products you should stop wasting your money on And what will you get in return?

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