Three things Rishi Sunak could announce today, including Universal Credit boost and Warm Home Discount increase


Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to make an announcement today to help Britons struggling with life’s crisis.

Energy bills to rise by an average of £2,800 a year from OctoberOfgem’s boss gave a warning this week.


Rishi Sunak is considering a package of measures to help the struggling Britishcredit: PA: Press Association

Grocery prices are also rising record high inflationMore distress is looming large on millions of families.

government will do a Announcement to unveil package of support today Hundreds of pounds worth to families.

The plan will center around a unexpected tax On gas and electricity firms.

Providing relief to bill payers by way of income is likely to be split between council tax deduction And Universal Credit changeas well as investments in domestic nuclear and wind power generation.

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£400 in chancellor energy bills. can cut To provide relief to poor families.

Here’s what might be announced today in Rishi’s cost of life protection plans.

universal credit growth

Mr. Sunak is keen on targeted support for the lowest-income earners.

This may include increasing universal credit payments in line with current inflation figures.

Benefit payments usually increase each April – but Daily Telegraph suggests that this growth could be brought forward to help struggling Britons.

Another council tax exemption

Government may consider other Council tax Discounts according to Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, Rishi Sunak announced a one-time £150 council tax exemption for families in A to D category homes.

local councils Cash outs have begun – but they have until October to pay eligible families.

hot house discount increase

Increase in Warm Home Discount Scheme is an option being considered among the package of measures.

This could go from £150 to £500 for three million low-income households.

hot house discount plan Available to low-income households, usually at some benefit, to help with energy bills. This year the payout is £140 – but it was already due to rise to £150 next year.

Some households are automatically paid cash, while others have to apply to their energy firm if they meet certain criteria.

Are there any other options?

Energy bills can be cut by £400, according to the report,

Government has already announced “Discount and clawback scheme”Which would have given people a £200 discount on their bills from October – but that would be paid off later.

Mr. Sunak is expected to increase the amount and convert this loan into a grant, meaning there will be no cash repayments.

According to there are rumors of “offering to help the suppressor middle”. daily mail,

Government may also consider a separate winter fuel payment FT.

Is Help Already Available?

The government earlier this year announced a slew of measures to help families grappling with rising cost of living.

millionpeople are receiving a council tax exemption of £150, and a A £200 refund on energy bills is set for October (although it will have to be paid back over the next five years).

Energy suppliers have hardship funds, which provide grants to those in energy debt. Yesterday, Bulb announced that it was reopen your plan And families can get up to £140.

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household relief Fund The U.S. has also been doubled to £1 billion, and gives local councils money to feed struggling residents of their area.

You can find out what support is available where you live by contacting your local authority,

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