Three things you should always buy at Greggs and the three items on the menu to avoid


Roll Up, Greggs fans, if you want to know how to make your money go more at the nation’s favorite pastry store.

Budget Bakery There are plenty of low-priced gifts to choose from, but we reveal the products you need to make a beeline on the shelf, and products not to miss.


You Should Always Buy Sausage Rolls at the Budget Bakery Storecredit: Alamy

Greg’s owners have warned that cost may increase Later this year, rising price conflicts were felt across the region.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that fans know they have the best their money’s worth,

Here are three things you should always buy from the store, from sausage rolls, to something that could be sabotaging your diet, but not your budget.

And we also reveal three things your wallet will thank you for taking it somewhere else.

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What to get at Greggs

The Greg’s Staple

You can’t go to Greg’s without getting a sausage roll.

Pastry treat is the main product of the bakery.

And at just £1.10 the scrummy snack won’t burn too much in your budget.

There are more ways to get a foodie for free, if you know how.

Greggs will offer free gifts and limited-time rewards for customers from time to time — especially if it has new products that customers need to love.

on Christmas Greggs gives away 50,000 free festive gifts And vegetarian festive bakes, for example, to get fans excited.

But there can be a ‘hack’ to get free gifts in store at any time.

One Ex-employee revealed If employees are really disappointed with the food available then how are they allowed to give freebies to customers?

He claimed: “If there are never sausage rolls or if there are cold products, Greggs can offer the customer some freebies.”

Employees may only offer customers a freebie if there is no fresh pastry available in the store, or if the hot product you pay for turns out to be cold.

But keep in mind that you can’t expect a free meal just because it’s offered at the discretion of the staff, and only if you’ve eaten a really bad batch of food.

some vegetable

If this has made your mouth water, but you can’t bring yourself to order the sausage meat wrapped in rolls, Greg’s still has you covered.

Bakery giant launched its vegetarian sausage rolls On hot shelves nationwide in 2019.

The meat-free alternative to Greggs’ most prized product is now a household favorite.

That means it’s a must buy when you’re in the store.

What’s more, they also cost only £1.10 – so they’re not going to make a huge dent in your wallet either.

something nice

Feather Gregso You can get a free treat on your birthday, so if you’re looking to finish another lap around the sun, and after eating something sweet, it’s worth a visit to a high street store.

You may decide that you go for the donut, for example, which will typically set you back around 95p.

you have to sign up for Rewards App To claim though.

It’s a free app and once you enter your birthday you’ll get a day voucher that you can show to the store for a free cupcake, cream cake or donut.

You don’t only need to use it on your birthday because it’s still valid for a month later – but you can only claim one dessert, so once it’s gone, you have to wait until the next year. Will be

what to get elsewhere

your saree

You’ve moved on from breakfast, and are now doing something to fill your stomach on lunch break, but Greg’s may not be the pit-stop that best fits your budget.

A sandwich deal at Greg’s costs £4.15, according to menupriceUK,

abundance Stores are raising the cost of their own meal deal Late, but Greggs won the most precious label of them all.

If you need a sandwich and a drink and maybe a side snack, you’re better off going to the supermarket, where you’ll find a cheaper deal.

Tesco offers the cheapest combo at just £3 – as long as you bring your Clubcard (or it’s £3.50).

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons charge customers £3.50 for a meal deal, and Boots’ deal can cost up to £4.

a caffeine fix

You may also want to miss out on hot drinks.

A regular American will cost Greggs fans £1.55.

Meanwhile, fast-food rival McDonald’s is offering that same caffeine fix for just 99p.

This means that by swapping out their purchase for a cheaper high street option, thirsty buyers can save around 60p, or more than a third of the price.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a cheap hot sip of something from the bakery giant.

If you’re new to the Greggs app, you can get a complimentary hot drink the first time you download it.

Just use one of your redemptions wisely, as you won’t be able to forfeit the other without opening a new account.

Freezer Finds

It’s not just at Greggs that you can buy all your favorite pastries.

Iceland Greggs sells products that you can reheat at home—and you’ll often find that it’s an inexpensive way to get your pastry fix at the frozen giant.

OK, it may not taste exactly the same, but you’ll most likely save money by picking up your favorite dish from your local store rather than going down the high street.

You can pick up a box of eight sausage rolls for £3.75 – that works out to a 47p roll.

It will cost £3.93 more than buying eight sausage rolls in the store – although you won’t need to cook them yourself.

you can get Other Greggs Favorites in Iceland As well as, such as the popular Chicken Bake and Cookies.

If you don’t mind reheating them in your oven at home, you’ll be saving huge.

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The good news for fans is that Greg is launching a flagship Megastore this summer,

It comes after the chain is opened Biggest ever branch in Primark – and launched a clothing range with the fashion giant.

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