UK households will NOT get second council tax rebate, Rishi Sunak reveals


Lakhs of families will not benefit from the second council tax exemption, Rishi Sunak has confirmed.

chancellor will slap a new Unexpected taxes on oil and energy giants Helping to bankroll a multi-billion pound package of support to help with the cost of living crisis.


Mr Sunak announces bumper package of help for Britscredit: getty
Bulk gas prices have gone up


Bulk gas prices have gone up

The government announced help for families in February, including £150 council tax energy exemption for a family of four out of five.

living in Council tax Bands A to D are eligible for a one-time payment of £150, which was introduced in April.

Local councils have until the end of October to withdraw the cash.

You can check when payments are being made by doing your inquiry where you live Local Council website and social media pages.

14 areas where the £150 council tax exemption must now be paid
Full list of people who may or may not be eligible for the £150 council tax exemption

Payments are being made automatically if you make your own Council tax Bill by direct debit.

If you don’t have this set up you may have to apply – and it This can mean a long wait for cash,

different £144m fund Also launched are what local councils can prepare for vulnerable and low-income families.

it comes as energy bill £800 to £2,800 per year are due to rocket this October.

Many expected another waiver to be announced today, but they would be disappointed that it was not part of the chancellor’s plans.

Still a lot of help is being done. Rishi’s rescue plan revealed:

Rishi will cancel plans for one “Discount and clawback scheme”Which would have given people £200 off their bills from October.

Mr. Sunak would instead convert the effective loans – which would later have been paid back in huge bills – into grants given to energy To kick out companies.

If you are not eligible for lump sum payment you should check whether you eligible for any other assistance.

You can find out which band you are in to see if you are eligible for the automatic plan, or need to apply to the fund by using government search tool – You just need to enter your postcode.

There are also some discounts in the AD band, for example if you don’t live in the house.

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You can do this Challenge your council tax band Don’t miss out on cash if you think it’s wrong.

But be aware that revaluing your band could put you in the lower band where you pay more council tax, so consider the risks.

Price range is a record level and will rise again in October


Price range is a record level and will rise again in October

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