Ultra rare Lamborghini inspired by a FIGHTER JET is up for auction this weekend and is set to fetch an eye-watering price


LAMBORGHINIS are barely ten-a-penny, but this particular one is the rarest and comes with a large potential price tag.

It’s called the Lamborghini Reventon Roadster and only 15 of these V12 open-tops were made back in 2010.


Lamborghini has only made 15 Reventon Roadsters so farcredit: bonhams

The Lamborghini Reventon (there’s also a hard-top 20 of which were made) inspired by none other F-15 Fighter Jet,

You can see why, with its aggressive lines and doors that open upward like the cockpit glass of a fighter jet.

Despite the Roadster losing its roof, it still accelerates from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and goes 205mph—that’s a lot of wind in your hair.

Like the hard-top, the Roadster’s rear spoiler is positioned at around 80mph, turning to a steeper angle at around 140mph for even more downforce.

Another cool feature is the Reventon Roadster’s deployable roll-over hoops, which shoot down quickly to protect the car’s occupants if you get it terribly wrong and start barrel-rolling down the road.

But perhaps the most interesting feature is that it’s fitted with a G-force meter to record just how brutal the acceleration is.

This particular car is going on sale in Switzerland this weekend bonhamso With just 1500 miles on the clock.

According to Bonhams the Reventon Roadster was sold new in Switzerland through Lamborghini Porentrue and had only one owner.

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‘It will be offered for sale anew by Lamborghini Porentru, and comes with Swiss carte gris and all of its original books.

The car was actually up for auction with Bonhams in 2019 and has covered just 10 kms since then.

A Reventon Roadster cost over £954,000 when it went on sale in 2009, which is £1.3 million in today’s money.

Considering it is billed to fetch £1.8million, this is a good investment.

Inspired by the Reventon F-15 fighter jet


Inspired by the Reventon F-15 fighter jetcredit: bonhams
Its V12 engine produces 670hp which means 205mph.  top speed of


Its V12 engine produces 670hp which means 205mph. top speed ofcredit: bonhams
The car's digital instrument cluster includes a G-force meter


The car’s digital instrument cluster includes a G-force metercredit: bonhams


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