Universal Credit LATEST: Brits have to WAIT until July for £650 cost of living grant; how it affects YOU & how to claim


When will the cash come?

People will get the first installment of £326 bank accounts on 14 July.

Another £324 bungalow in the fall, a . will come to Confirmed date,

Ministers have made payments a bit uneven in order to reduce the risk of fraud from “those who may try to take advantage of this system”.

In total, millions of Britons are set to receive at least £1,200 from the government this year to help cover rising costs.

which consists of A £150 council tax exemption has already expired.

And everyone is going to get a £400 energy bill discount at the end of this year too.

Pensioners will be able to receive an additional £300, and a further £150 on top of £650 cash assistance to people with disabilities – but there is no date yet for these payments.


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