Universal Credit payments could INCREASE as part of Rishi Sunak’s cost of living rescue plan


Millions of people on Universal Credit can see an increase in their payments under the schemes being considered by the government.

Rishi Sunki Working on a plan to save families in crisis cost of life crisis,


Rishi Sunak is under pressure to help people facing the crisis of livelihoodcredit: Reuters

the chancellor is expected announce tomorrow provide further assistance with energy bill.

it comes as regulator Offgame warned that the price limit could rise to another £800 in October, Taking the average double fuel bill to £2,800 per year.

One option reportedly being considered is to increase Universal Credit payments now in line with inflation, rather than spring next year, Telegraph report.

Inflation is currently 9% and last month’s growth Benefit payout was just 3.1%Squeezing the finances of millions.

Energy bills likely to rise by another £800 as Sunak vows to help hard-hit families
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The sage’s right hand in the treasury on Sunday The weekend fueled hopes of more support.

Asked specifically about additional help, Treasury Minister Simon Clark did not rule out anything and said “all options are on the table”.

But there is no guarantee that Universal Credit will increase, and it is Considering only one of the options To help ease the pain of major price hikes affecting families.

The government has also not confirmed when the announcement will be made.

Universal Credit typically increases in April based on the inflation rate of the previous November, along with other benefits.

Another option being considered is the enhancement of £150. hot home discount from Up to £500.

The existing scheme provides cash to pensioners and those with low income during the winter months.

An unexpected tax on energy firms is also being considered to provide additional help for millions of households.

There is also the idea of ​​a temporary cut in VAT on energy bills, but the government has distanced itself from such a move in the past.

Other possible measures could include cuts in council tax, further rebates in council tax, and an increase in the Winter Fuel Allowance, payments to pensioners to help heat their homes in winter.

The government announced help for families in February, including £150 council tax energy exemption for a family of four out of five.

there will be a £200 discount applicable on every energy bill in OctoberWhich has to be repaid in five years.

household relief Fund The U.S. has also been doubled to £1 billion, and gives local councils money to feed struggling residents of their area.

life crisis deepens

But the cost of living crisis has since deepened and there have been widespread calls for more support to be given to families struggling with it.

The boss of one of Britain’s biggest energy companies warned that the cost of living crisis could last for more than a year and a half.

The energy price cap that limits how much can be charged to the standard tariff raised bills for millions of people in April to 54%.

About 22 million households are currently valued at customs as fixed deals are now far higher after a steep increase in wholesale energy costs since last year.

The price cap increase pushed the typical Duel fuel bill from £1,277 to £1,971, though exactly how much you pay depends on usage.

This could rise again to £2,800 in October, when the second of two annual reviews of the price range takes place, pushing more people into financial difficulty.

Wholesale energy costs are rising Due to global supply issues and the war in Ukraine.

While the price cap prevents these increases from being passed on to consumers immediately, the price cap is based on wholesale costs, which when reviewed show “shock” increases twice a year when they go up.

Ofgem is considering more regular reviews The top of the cap rises to spread, and passes on any fall first.

Meanwhile other costs have increased, from food to fuel, adding to the pressure on people’s finances.

petrol prices have reached record highs in recent months, while the price of some basic Food items have increased by up to 60%.

One mother told The Sun how she worries about Won’t be able to feed your kids or keep your fridge running Due to rising electricity bill.

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and a hardworking mother of two at Universal Credit and with a full-time job Can no longer afford food or activities for her daughter,

here is If you’re on Universal Credit, you can get all the help you need And struggling to get it.

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