We were lottery MILLIONAIRES for weeks


A couple were devastated after the news that they were told they had won $85 million on the lottery was a scam.

The unnamed Colorado duo fell victim to fraud in April 2020 after they were told they needed to send cash to earn their Mega Millions win.


Victims sent briefcases containing ‘their victory’credit: US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

He wired $129,670.45 between April and June and lost his lifetime savings, News & Observers Report.

Officials said the couple was one of ten victims of the fake scheme.

Terry Lynn Miller, 62, has now been sentenced to 57 months in prison for defrauding elderly victims across America.

According to court documents, he pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

Miller said: “Life isn’t much fun anymore.

“I don’t work anymore and my cash flow is very low. I’m sorry to get into this mess. I’ll work from now on.”

The Justice Department wrote in a statement: “Victims were told they had victory in the briefcase and that they would receive the combination in lock when they paid their taxes and fees.

“However, Miller packed the briefcase with Hampton Roads newspapers and magazines.

“In total, about ten victims were defrauded to the tune of more than $220,000. Some victims lost their life savings.”

In Happy Lotto News, The Sun reported how one winner shared his win with a store owner who performed an act of kindness hours before the big win.

This act of goodwill comes just months after a pensioner melted the hearts of the nation when he decided to Split His Prize With a Cashier who sold him the winning ticket.

Another winner said he didn’t know he had won for weeks because his bizarre way of checking the numbers delayed him.

And a waiter who hit the jackpot has returned to work despite his victory.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Ruby of North Carolina won the state jackpot of $192,941 on May 11, when his numbers were inspired by the math formula pi.

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And, an unnamed Michigan player won $2 million by choosing a scratch card that she liked in the color and design.

She said the multiplier scratchcard caught her eye when she bought it at Warren’s Kelsey Market.

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