93% of employers want to see soft skills on your resume—here are 8 of the most in-demand ones

Some of the most in-demand soft skills have been listed by ZipRecruiter on its platform.

The top skills on that list, along with the number of jobs on the site that specify them as requirements, are listed below.

6.1 million occupations feature communication skills in their job descriptions.

There are 5.5 million jobs that list the skill "customer service."

Five million jobs identify scheduling as a competence.

There are 3.6 million jobs that require the competence of time management.

Project management: 2.8 million jobs identify it as a competence.

2.7 million jobs identify analytical thinking as a talent.

Independent working skills, 2 million occupations that require them.

Flexibility, 1.3 million jobs identify it as a skill.