BARGAIN HUNTING I’m a deals expert – you should never buy items on a specific part of grocery store shelves if you want to save money

A new grocery shopping tip, including where to shop on the shelf to save money, has just been revealed by a bargains expert.

NerdWallet experts described what to look for on particular grocery store shelves.

The experts advised looking for items with yellow stickers on the shelves.

It might be worthwhile to look up this information even though each grocery shop has a distinct day and hour when the things with stickers go out.

However, the experts also issued a caution, stating, "It's crucial to resist the temptation of yellow reduction labels to make impulse purchases.

You could be duped into believing you're saving money by buying things when you see them for a discount.

That isn't always the case, though, and occasionally those products aren't worth the money and might not even be used.

Even though it has money off it, customers should only buy the item if they had planned to buy it as part of their purchase "professional opinion