Can You Spot a Girl in this Optical Illusion? If You Do, You are Among Top 1%

Optical illusions are essentially tricks of the eye. These puzzles can help you identify any disconnects between your brain and your senses.

The information the senses collect and transmit to the brain is different from what you actually perceive.

The brain, on the other hand, generates a perception of the world rather than just taking in the facts.

As a result, the brain occasionally constructs an image that does not actually exist or fills in gaps when there is incomplete information.

If you disagree, focus your attention on this optical illusion to learn more about how the brain actually functions.

The task is what? Find the girl in this optical illusion picture. The image appears to be of an older man with odd hair.

Rana Arshad posted the optical illusion on TikTok, according to The Sun. She posted the photo and urged the audience to look closely to see the girl tucked up in the man's face.

The ability to pay attention to detail and maintain perspective are both put to the test by this optical illusion.