Ford scrapped early electric SUV designs after CEO Jim Farley saw it: 'It looks like a Prius.

Ford's svelte electric SUV, the Mustang Mach-E, is popular. To meet demand, Ford cannot produce them quickly enough.

But if Ford CEO Jim Farley and other executives hadn't intervened and demanded a redesign years before the SUV's release.

According to a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Farley, who was not then Ford's top executive, deemed the company's concept for its future electric SUV dull in 2017.

It appears to be a Prius. When he first saw the prototype for the Mach-E, he recalls exclaiming, "That's a joke. Why are we doing this?

Farley and other Ford officials made the decision to ditch the original design in favor of something more interesting in an effort to make a splash with Ford's first contemporary electric vehicle.

According to the Detroit Free Press. According to The Wall Street Journal, redesigning the Mach-E delayed its release by several months.

Farley made the contentious but successful choice to designate Ford's first electric SUV as a Mustang.

In April, the Detroit carmaker ran out of 2022 Mach-Es.