A Google-branded smartwatch had been rumoured for many years, but now Google has formally announced the Pixel Watch, its first hardware device.

After years of plans, cancellations, rumours, gossip and everything else, there's finally a Google wearable. Called the Pixel Watch, it will launch running WearOS and offer what Google is calling a "stock" experience - but will also have a number of exclusive features.

– Google I/O 2022 tease – 6 October launch – 13 October availability

The Google Pixel Watch is available for pre-order immediately, priced at £339 for the Wi-Fi version and £379 for the LTE version. We will update with international prices as soon as we have them.

The Pixel Watch is round with a button and crown on one side and uses 3D domed glass for the top. It's a seamless design, minimalist, avoiding the sometimes-chunky looks that smartwatches go far as they try to replicate traditional divers watch aesthetics.

There's a clever mechanism for strap attachment. This unique connection sees you sliding the strap into place and it locks in, with a button to release it. That means it will only work with straps designed for the Pixel Watch, rather than accepting universal straps.

Google is keen to show off the custom 3D domed glass on the top of the display. This gives it a smooth and seamless aesthetic, while it's made from Gorilla Glass 6. There's obviously no real bezel around the display edges.