I’m a plumber – my free hack will save you $150 on getting your dishwasher air gap fixed

Their business focuses on plumbing, rodent control, mold removal, leak detection, and water damage restoration.

On the other hand, their TikTok page concentrates on advise for saving money at well-known hardware stores as well as tips and tricks for home repairs.

Nearly 600,000 people follow the account, and the twins have received more than 6 million likes.

They demonstrated how to repair a leaky dishwasher air gap in a recent video without hiring a plumber or shelling out up to $150 for repairs.

Clean plates and cutlery are shielded from contamination by the dishwasher's unclean water by air gaps.

The air gap will include connections to the sink and garbage disposal because most dishwashers are connected to the rest of the kitchen's plumbing.

You'll probably find an air gap on your kitchen counter close to the sink if you have one.

According to Schuelke, junk in your waste disposal can cause an obstruction in the air gap.