Power, Electric Range, Safety, and Luxury: 2022 Volvo XC60 T8 Review

For those who aren't quite ready to fully commit to the EV lifestyle, a plug-in hybrid is a good option.

It combines the finest features of both worlds: quick, emissions-free trips that can be made entirely on electricity.

In contrast to a full battery electric car, which necessitates extensive planning and range anxiety, longer excursions can be made over bigger distances without the need for such preparation.

This year, Volvo updated its second-generation midsize crossover plug-in hybrid vehicle significantly.

A more potent battery pack and a more potent electric motor make up the 2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge T8 updated electrified powertrain, which increases power and range.

The upgraded Volvo Iron Mark with built-in sensors is now visible on the redesigned front bumper and grille.

A style update that covers the exhaust tips on the rear fascia is advantageous.

The Sensus interface is replaced with an Android-based operating system in the Volvo XC60 in 2022.

Additional improvements include upgraded hands-free tailgate functionality, front and rear USB-C ports, and tailored wool blend upholstery.