NIO finally launches its ES7 SUV with 578-mile range and vehicle-to-load capabilities

Chinese EV automaker NIO made a strong presentation of new products and changes to current models earlier today during an online event that was webcast.

The brand-new ES7 is currently up for pre-order in China and will be outfitted with the newest EV technology from NIO.

NIO ($NIO) is an electric vehicle (EV) automaker that was established in China in 2014.

Thanks to its ES8, ES6, and EC6 SUVs, it has since become one of the top brands for electric vehicles.

The company introduced the ET7, its first sedan, in January 2021. NIO then released the ET5, its second sedan, before the end of 2021.

In January, this less-expensive sedan started its validation prototype phase. Soon, it will share the road with the ET7 in China and Europe.

A new all-electric SUV from NIO with the name of the ES7 has been the subject of persistent rumors since the release of the ET5.

NIO said in February of last year that it would formally introduce the new ES7 SUV in April.