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I experienced a 20% loss on my money at a large bank. The advisor assured me that my portfolio consisted of both domestic and international investments that were resistant to inflation.

However, the counselor was never able to explain why the loss of money accelerated. My account was closed.

Indeed, chartered financial analyst Michelle Connell expresses concern over your adviser's failure to explain your losses.

Inflation-proof investments are extremely rare on the market, according to certified financial advisor Jay Zigmont.

A recent loss of 20% is not unheard of, to be sure. The S&P was down roughly 20% as of mid-June compared to its January highs

Having said that, a good adviser would have clearly explained your investments to you and covered everything else.

In addition, a competent advisor would have known how much risk you could tolerate.

If you felt that kind of loss was unacceptable, your development investments may have been made with too much vigor.