The first thing you see in this optical illusion could show if you’re a perfectionist

A fresh optical trick has been developed that reveals your personality type.

Depending on what you initially notice when you look at the photo above the paint-pouring film.

You'll be able to identify whether you're a perfectionist or someone who lacks the ability to notice the negative aspects of other individuals.

A voice-over explains that there are many various visuals that can catch the eye—and everyone's will differ—as the background video plays out and an image appears.

The artist Rose's TikTok account @rroseart then asks its 260,000+ followers in the post, "What do you see?!"

The first possibility is that a pair of lips are seen. This means that "you always take things as they are and judge them by their genuine value," according to the voiceover.

You don't try to decode or change things around, and you realize their actual meaning," they continue.

Others, on the other hand, could notice trees, indicating that "you are occasionally a perfectionist, but you always look for the best in any circumstance.