UAE Golden Visa: Investors can get long-term residency from real estate developers

The coveted Golden Visa is directly available from real estate developers to foreigners who invest in UAE real estate.

Industry experts claim that getting a long-term residence is easy and simple.

Danube Properties offered to handle Golden Visas for investors when it unveiled the pyramid-shaped Gemz in Al Furjan for Dh350 million.

The entire procedure, according to Imran Farooq, CEO of Samana Developers, takes less than two weeks, and the developer is responsible for covering all processing costs.

Clients must use Escrow to send money after choosing a project and a unit. After that, we can register their title deed and submit a Golden Visa application.

To complete the process, the applicant must provide supporting evidence, such as investment proof and passport information.

"They must provide additional documents, like as marriage licenses and birth certificates for their kids, if they require the Golden Visa for their family.

The process goes quickly if the documentation is in order. In addition, we, the developer, cover all processing costs.