Jones rose from public-access television obscurity to national prominence by promoting paranoid allegations against the U.S. government and an alleged shadowy, power-hungry New World Order.

n Austin, Texas, Jones boasts a national audience, thanks to his radio show, which is broadcast on 100 stations nationwide, and his websites Infowars and Prison Planet, where his many specious claims are presented, in multimedia format, as “news.”

According to the web analytics firm Quantcast, Infowars reached approximately 3.34 million unique readers in February 2020 alone.

On April 18, 2020, Jones attended a protest in Austin, Texas, against coronavirus-related restrictions, and told the crowd, “Texas is leading the way against the tyrants.”

President Trump has promoted a number of repeatedly disproven conspiracy theories advanced by Jones, including claims about President Barack Obama’s birthplace and allegations that millions of illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 presidential election.

The mutual regard between President Trump and Jones was on full display during a 2015 radio interview, when then-candidate Trump told Jones, “Your reputation is amazing,” and Jones responded, “What you’re doing is epic. It’s George Washington level.”

According to Jones, Trump called after the election to thank the Infowars audience for their support, and to promise he will make them proud. In the wake of the election, Infowars opened a bureau in Washington, D.C., which was headed by Jerome Corsi, a right-wing author and conspiracy theorist, until he left the website in 2018.