Walmart Just Launched a Revolutionary Way To Buy Groceries

Walmart has never shied away from shaking up the shopping experience, from launching its first interactive store to extending its drone delivery service.

Additionally, the biggest retailer in the country is now letting consumers use their TV to make purchases, which doesn't even require them to get up off the couch.

Through a "first-of-its-kind agreement" with streaming service Roku, Walmart will provide customers the option to purchase featured goods straight from the screen thanks to "shoppable advertisements.

This partnership, according to a news release, intends to transform how people shop and engage with TV and video content by moving "beyond the QR code

When a viewer is streaming material and comes across an advertisement for something they're interested in, they can use their Roku remote to click "OK" on the advertisement.

They will be taken directly to the checkout page where Roku Pay, the company's payment platform, has already filled in their payment information.

The viewer can then place the order by clicking "OK" on the Walmart checkout page. A confirmation email from Walmart will also provide details on delivery, returns, and customer assistance.

We're the first retailer to market to offer customers a revolutionary shoppable experience and frictionless checkout on their TV, which is the largest screen in their homes.