What is Taco Bell’s Big Cheez-It Tostada and where can I get it?


Taco Bell is introducing a new menu item with Cheez-Its at the fore.

On 28 June 2022, Taco Bell Big announced thing this Tostada.


Taco Bell Announces Big Cheese-It Crunchwrap Supreme on June 28, 2022credit: Taco Bell

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What is Taco Bell’s Big Cheese-It Tostada?

New menu item Taco Bell has a unique twist on a tostada.

Taco Bells Big Cheese-It Tostada Uses an extra-large Cheez-It cracker in place of the tortilla as the tostada.

The cheesy tostada is then topped with seasoned beef, sour cream, diced tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded cheddar cheese.

Customers can try the Tostada that has the Cheez-It cracker they know and love but this time a cracker is 16 times the original size.

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one in Press releaseThe fast-food chain wrote: “The collab creation is topped with layers upon layers of Taco Bell flavors in an oversized cracker.

“for a limited time Southern CaliforniaFans can sate their appetite with this quintessentially cheesy and nostalgic, yet magically modern, dining experience.”

Liz Mathews, Taco Bells The Chief Food Innovation Officer also spoke about the new construction in the press release.

“There are certain things that everyone can agree on … but the iconic flavors of Taco Bell menu items and Cheez-It snacks are loved by everyone,” Matthews said.

“We are thrilled about this new concept with Cheese-It, which gives our fans the chance to experience the real cheese and crunch they love from both of our brands in a whole new way.”

In addition to the new Tostada, Taco Bell Introducing Big Cheese-It Crunchwrap Supreme.

This item is a twist on the classic Crunchwrap Supreme but adds a bigger Cheez-It cracker in the center.

Wrapped and seasoned beef in tortilla with Cheez-It in center, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, low-fat sour cream, and diced tomatoes.

Taco Bells Big Cheese-It Tostada Limited Time Only Available at one location in Irvine, California


Taco Bells Big Cheese-It Tostada Limited Time Only Available at one location in Irvine, Californiacredit: Taco Bell

Where can I buy new items?

The new crunchwrap is supreme … Offered As a digital exclusive as part of a restaurant trial.

Taco Bells The Big Cheese-It Tostada is currently being offered Only at one Taco Bell location.

Customers can visit Irvine’s location (2222 Barranca Pucca, Irvine, CA 92606) to purchase new items.

Over the course of two weeks or so of supply, end customers will be able to experience the new menu item during a trial.

How Much is a Big Cheese-It Tostada?

In the press release, both prices for the items were listed.

Customers can expect to pay $2.49 for a Big Cheese-It Tostada.

While the Big Cheese-It Crunchwrap Supreme lists for $4.29 a bit higher.

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Stephanie Miller, president of the Kellogg Company’s Away From Home, said the collaboration is “a true testament to Thing—it’s continued success and commitment to innovation.”

“We’re excited to add Cheese-It-Made with 100% Real Cheese to Taco Bell favorites and offer customers a bold, cheesy twist on the iconic chain’s go-to menu staple.”


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