What is the US federal tax on gasoline?


Gasoline prices are set to rise in 2022, putting financial pressure on most Americans.

Not only are Americans taxed at the pump by the states, but there is also a federal tax on fossil fuels.


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What is the US federal tax on gasoline?

In June 2022, President Joe Biden turns out he was “considering” the possibility of a federal holiday from gas taxes,

the discussion comes amid rising gas pricesBecause the average price per gallon is $4.98.

gas tax holiday Will eventually suspend the federal gas tax, which sits at 18.3 cents for regular and 24.3 cents for diesel. spectrum news,

What's to Know About Joe Biden's Proposed Federal Gas Tax Holiday?
Why are gas prices so high?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen with said on this week George Stephanopoulos that the Biden administration is open to considering Pennies-Savings steps to help in this financial situation.

“Gas prices have gone up significantly, and that’s clearly putting a burden on households,” Yellen said. ABC News,

“So [the president] ready to work with congress [gas tax holidays are] An idea that is certainly worth considering.”

Biden is also considering gas discount cardBut it is not clear how they will work.

Who has the highest state gas tax?

state gas tax From $0.09 per gallon to $0.58 by April 2022.

According to IGEN, Pennsylvania The highest gas tax is at $0.58 per gallon, followed by californiaWhich sits at $0.51 per gallon.

Other high states include Washington $0.49 and . Feather new jersey at $0.42.

As of April 2022, the lowest state gas tax is in alaska $0.09 and . Feather airy At $0.16 per gallon.

The national average for gas is $4.98 per gallon


The national average for gas is $4.98 per galloncredit: AFP

What determines the price of gas?

Many Americans believe that the price of gas is controlled by the government, but it is actually controlled by crude oil prices and supply and demand.

“Oil prices are at a seven-year high amid a persistent global supply crisis, workforce shortages, increased geopolitical instability in Eastern Europe, an economic rebound after the initial stages of the pandemic, and policy uncertainty from Washington,” according to the report. American Petroleum Institute,

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While the government does not control prices, the API notes that there are things it can do to help ease the situation, including policies that increase supply. United States of america,

Right now, according to API, the primary factors affecting the price of gas include global crude oil costs (61 percent), refining costs (14 percent), distribution and marketing costs (11 percent), and federal and state taxes. (14 percent).


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